Some fans and critics feel that superheroes have reached their saturation point on the big screen. As we are coming to an end of 2018, next year seems to be loaded with superhero films. Next year brings us three MCU films, two DC films and two X-Men films by Fox.

Some of these films will focus around characters who are already familiar to moviegoers. While we don’t have any new characters announced for 2019’s Endgame, Captain Marvel will introduce fans to a whole new host of heroes. So today we will discuss 4 heroes coming to grace the big screen in 2019 (and 3 villains)

Hero: Magik
The New Mutants will hit the theatres on August 2. This film will take on the X-Men and was originally set to release in April 2018. There have been various rumours that Disney might be releasing the film on their streaming service but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Magik will be played by Anna Taylor-Joy. Magik is a Russian mutant with teleportation abilities. She’s the younger sister of Colossus in the comics.

Villain: Mystery Antonio Banderas Villain
The New Mutants long delay is reported because of their late reshoots. Originally the show was going to introduce Jon Hamm played Master Sinister but that’s not happening now.

Antonio Banderas is set to be the film’s secret villain and hook for a sequel in what FOX is hoping to be a trilogy.

Hero: Wolfsbane
Wolfsbane isn’t exactly a werewolf but rather a mutant who can change shape into a wolf at will.

She was raised by an abusive pastor in Scotland and her main struggle in the film is to deal with her religious beliefs with her self-worth and identity as mutant. The character is being portrayed by Maisie Williams.

Villain: Arthur Fleck
Todd Phillips’ Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix is set to release in October next year. It will be the first attempt to show Joker’s backstory on the big screen and the film is rumoured to be loosely based on The Killing Joke storyline.

The story shows Arthur Fleck as a standup comedian who slowly drives insane and moves to the world of crime.

Hero: Shazam!
Shazam! is the new big superhero film set to release in 2019. The film will open on April 5 and its a coincidence that it’s releasing close to Captain Marvel, given that Shazam’s original name was also Captain Marvel.

14-year old Billy Batson gets his powers by Wizard Shazam after which he has superhero strength, speed and flight among other abilities.

Villain: Thomas Wayne
The Joker film by Todd Phillips will see Thomas Wayne in a much more important role than previous films.

Unlike his usual portrayal as a nice guy, this version of Thomas Wayne is an unsympathetic slick 1980s business archetype. Brett Cullen is playing the role.

Heroes: Men In Black: Agent H & M
Men in Black, based on Lowell Cunningham’s comic book, is set to return on June 14, with a twist. Agents J and K’s story has been thoroughly exhausted after three films, so the new entry in the series is going to be about different agents in the same world. The movie’s title is Men in Black International and is focused on the United Kingdom’s branch of the alien-tracking organization.

The new protagonists, Agent H and Agent M, are being played by Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson respectively.

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