There are numerous heroes in the MCU and all of them have proved their place in the universe. Every single one of them, from Captain America to Ant-Man have proven that their skills and strength can come in handy during any conflict. However, every great hero needs tools that might help him win the battle. From Iron Man’s armour to Cap’s shield, each of these incredible weapons being something to the table.

However, there are also some weapons in the MCU that make us question their use or necessity. Sure, they have their place in the world but they just fail to make any tactical sense. Here are the 4 most powerful weapons in the MCU (and 3 that are totally useless)

Powerful: Hofund
The sword used by Heimdall in Asgard to control the Bitfrost is known as Hofund. It’s the key that linked Asgard to all other realms and also allowed Heimdall to send Thor across to Earth.

In 2017’s Ragnarok, when Hela returned to Asgard even she wanted the Hofund for herself even with all her power. The last time it was used was to send Hulk back to Earth in Infinity War.

Useless: Web Shooters
Spider-Man’s web shooters are useful and they may give an edge during a fight, but when you think about them as weapons, they are fairly ineffective.

They fail to pack much of a punch and people with enormous strength can easily break through the webs. Besides, Tom Holland’s Peter is still young and hasn’t learned how to use his shooters fully.

Powerful: Mjolnir
From the moment this hammer was found in Thor, no one else could lift it off the ground. When wielded by Thor, it allowed him to fall down thunder and lightning. It can also be thrown as an unstoppable projectile and hammer enemies.

While it was a valuable weapon and main source of Thor’s power, it was eventually destroyed by Hela.

Useless: Widow Stingers
Black Widow might be a formidable foe hater but when it comes to going off against superpowered individuals, she can’t really hold much on her own. This is due to her weapon of choice: the stingers she wears on her wrists.

These are just tazers that are a bit more fashion-friendly. While other MCU heroes have advanced armour, shield, and ability to shrink, these stingers are all Widow has besides her impressive fighting skills.

Powerful: Stormbreaker
After Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela, Thor was left without a weapon. When facing someone like Thanos, that wasn’t going to be enough. So, Thor accompanied by Rocket travelled to Nidevellir to forge a new weapon.

The Stormbreaker was forged with some help from Groot to make its handle. The new ax was far more powerful than Mjolnir which also allowed him to access the Bitfrost, letting him to travel through dimensions.

Useless: Hawkeye’s Bow
Hawkeye may be an iconic hero but his bow hasn’t made much of a difference in a fight in MCU. His speciality always pales in comparison while he’s fighting alongside Thor, Hulk or Iron Man. Although he can take out many enemies in less time, other heroes are imbued with superhuman abilities.

Hawkeye has an incredibly tactical mind and is a loyal ally but his weapon of choice in the modern age is somewhat silly.

Powerful: Infinity Gauntlet
Since the post-credits scene of The Avengers, many fans had been thinking when would Thanos get the Gauntlet? This question finally got answered in Infinity War where Thanos succeeded in attaining all six stones and wiping out half the existence.

Any character in possession of the Gauntlet and stones has Infinite power at his disposal. Anyone using any one of these stones can become strong enough to make things go his way.

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