The DC Extended Universe has failed to impress many fans as much as its Cinematic rival (MCU). Over the years, fans have learnt how to expect gloom and joyless superheroes from the franchise films. There were many efforts to change that, including those by Suicide Squad. The film failed even more miserably for being uncharacteristically upbeat for a DCEU film. The critics found it full of flaws and messy to watch.

However, the film isn’t all bad. There are a few reasons why Suicide Squad is actually a fine film (if not good), so today we will explore 4 reasons why Suicide Squad is the greatest DC film (and 3 reasons why it should be just locked away!)

Greatest: Its Soundtrack
Hans Zimmer is undoubtedly a really talented composer. He has composed several memorable pieces for various feature films. Suicide Squad opened the franchise to some upbeat tracks.

While not everyone agreed with the track the film took with its music, but audiences have to agree that it was a welcome change for many fans.

Locked away: Limited Variety of Action
Many action sequences are fun in the film and that’s true. But there are far too many explosions than needed and some sequences seem to end the same way. For instance, a helicopter crashes but the occupants survive the disaster.

It would make a lot of sense if Diablo wasn’t that hesitant about using his powers during the film. One violent sequence sees the whole squad simply bartering and exterminating the Hordes of Enchantress’ mutant drones.

Greatest: Amanda Waller
Viola Davis played Amanda Waller incredibly well. Waller is a woman who doesn’t think in terms of villains or heroes, she does what she believes is best to secure the future, no matter at what cost.

She executes a Room full of men to keep her cover and while many may say that her character was underdeveloped, she still managed to look impactful in the film.

Locked Away: Forced Relationships
Suicide Squad showed each story within through narration. We knew that some characters were involved with one another because Waller said so.

Almost everyone expected the villains to form a close bond after all the fighting and cold jokes between each other. However, none of this feels organic. It doesn’t affect the characters in a way that it makes them look real.

Greatest: Character Design
In the past one decade or so, more attention has been given to the costumes of characters to give them a more organic look. Suicide Squad doesn’t really do that, and well, it doesn’t need to do that. But the costumes feel like everything you would expect from characters like these in the real world.

The costumes worn by characters made sense and they look ratchet which more than what can be said about a lot of other DCEU films.

Locked Away: Brushes past potential
The film rushed through its more peaceful moments in order to jump to fighting and this came at the cost of scenes which fans were eager to see in the film. Bad editing ruined the film, to an extent, something that Jared Leto and David Ayer have stated previously.

Short montages and Narration are essential to tell a story in a compelling way and build characters accordingly.

Greatest: Right Amount Of Sentiment
When a character (or a villain) needed to be evil in the film, they were evil and when a villain needed to have a tragic backstory, they got that too. It may not have been well told but it was there. However, fans could connect to many characters superficially.

The majority of these are villains first and while it’s important for an audience to understand and sympathise with them, there has to be a balance that allows these villains to stay as the bad guys in the story. While the film found this balance, it lacked the execution.

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