We still don’t know much about the next phase of the MCU, but one thing is certain- it’s going to look really different as new heroes will emerge. The Avengers and their allies will likely deal with more extraterrestrial threats, and it’s also likely to add more diversity to the stories and the characters.

Marvel has a rich history of young heroes that MCU hasn’t explored yet. In the comics, there are various teams like Young Avengers who banded together due to their age gap from the established heroes. So today, we will discuss 4 heroes we’d like to see joining Avengers in the next phase. (And three we don’t)

7. We do: Patriot
There are many ways MCU can carry forward Captain America’s legacy. The logical choice would be to go ahead with Sam Wilson or Bucky Barnes picking up the shield, but another possibility could be the introduction of Eli Bradley aka Patriot.

Eli received some traces of super soldier serum from his grandfather Isaiah through blood transfusion. He was the founding member of Young Avengers and some of his stories could actually spice up the MCU.

6. Don’t: Miles Morales
Over the past few years, Miles Morales has really become one of the most popular young heroes in the comics. Peter Parker and Miles Morales have shared a dynamic together and adding Morale would be a captivating move to the films.

However, this looks really far-fetched as Tom Holland’s Parker needs some time for himself before facing a “challenger” like Morales. For this, MCU would need to build Parker’s character into a pillar he’s meant to be.

5. Want: Sam Alexander
Regardless of the future of Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, many fans are eager to see Marvel expand its roster of space-bound heroes. Yes, we’re talking about Sam Alexander here or Nova.

MCU has already introduced Nova Corps, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to feature one of its members. Moreover, Alexander would be a deserving addition to the lineup.

4. Don’t Want: Noh-Varr
Noh-Varr is an enhanced Kree soldier who’s susceptible to manipulation. His physiology gives him the usual proper power set, and his DNA which got stranded with that of a cockroach gives the Marvel boy a lot of other superpowers.

But there are other Kree characters like Hulkling who would be better suited for appearing in the MCU. His storyline could be predictable on the screen and there aren’t many MCU villains that could exploit it in an interesting way.

3. Want: Kate Bishop
Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye has outshined Clint Barton in recent years. Bishop has risen to become a fan favourite, and she could easily replace Barton in the MCU after Avengers 4. Hawkeye has been phased out of the Cinematic Universe although he could have another run in Avengers 4.

Bishop would be a natural replacement for Avengers’ resident archer.

2. Don’t Want: Negasonic Teenage Warhead
The comic book version of this character is totally opposite to what we’ve seen so far in the Deadpool films. MCU could bring a more faithful version onscreen, but, with Disney-Fox merger, many fans are upset if MCU chooses to ignore Warhead’s place in the shared universe.

However, it’s a character we have seen onscreen before and if given a choice, we’d totally go for a fresher/unseen face.

1. Want: Ms Marvel
Kamala Khan is a famous young hero in comics, and also the first Muslim character to have headlined a Marvel series. Adding her would add a lot of diversity to the MCU, which the group lacked for its first three phases.

She’s an inhuman and could open gates for the famous superpowered group to the MCU. Nevertheless, she’d be an excellent addition to the Avengers!

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