Many commonalities may be seen in films portraying deadly spouses. The films are often black comedies, but given that they are about likable persons executing horrific things, it’s difficult to frame them any other way.

Despite their grim subject matter, these films are usually a lot of fun. The characters are also seldom held accountable for their acts, and they are virtually always road trip movies for some reason. While these aren’t films for audiences hoping to gain meaningful life lessons, they are very enjoyable and rewatchable.

1. Heathers

heathers 01
Heathers (1988)

Heathers is one of the finest teen comedies of the 1980s, and it doesn’t receive nearly enough credit for being so distinctive. While many of the John Hughes-style comedies of the time are fantastic, they all feature the same coming-of-age schmaltz, but Heathers utterly avoids the conventional happy plot.

Instead, it depicts high school in a more dark and satirical light, with J.D. and Veronica murdering all of the bullies. They become inventive with the killings, making them appear to be accidents or suicides. Despite the dark comedy, Heathers tackles important themes, and the honest talks of mental health are why Heathers is still relevant today.

2. Badlands

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Badlands (1973)

Whether it’s the war film The Thin Red Line or the millennium-spanning The Tree Of Life, director Terrence Malick rapidly became recognized for his long, drawn-out epics. However, the filmmaker’s debut, Badlands, distinguishes out from the rest since it is a short 90-minute picture with a somewhat linear plot.

Kit and Holly, an anti-social and violent pair, hop from town to town murdering and stealing. What makes the picture so intriguing is that the two robbers appear innocent and childish when they’re together, and they even build a treehouse in the Badlands where they live happily ever after. Despite the fact that this is his debut and he has already made nine epic-scale films,  Badlands is still Terrence Malick’s best movie

3. Mr. Right

Mr. Right (2015)

Sam Rockwell isn’t afraid of taking on unusual roles, and Mr. Right is no exception. The actor portrays an idealistic former hitman who tries to keep his past hidden from his current partner.

But it doesn’t take long for her to become an excellent murderer herself after discovering the truth, and the two become a well-oiled murder machine. The film may not have received glowing reviews from critics and was not a commercial success, but it is a hugely entertaining hidden gem with a Grosse Pointe Blank vibe to it.

4. True Romance

True Romance (1993)

True Romance has become a classic and one of Tarantino’s best-written films, despite the fact that he did not direct it. Whereas most violent movie couples get joy out of what they’re doing, Clarence and Alabama are mostly motivated by survival.

But they look good doing it, and with them being so in love, it makes for one of the finest romantic crime movies. The picture owes so much to Badlands that it recycles its primary tune from the 1973 classic. The Badlands theme was updated by Hans Zimmer into “You’re So Cool,” the tune that plays throughout True Romance.

5. Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1
Natural Born Killers (1994)

True Romance and Natural Born Killers have a lot in common. Both films, which were released a year apart, were written by Quentin Tarantino and tell the story of two couples who embark on a murderous spree across the country. According to The Telegraph, Tarantino despised the picture since the plot was drastically changed.

The post-modern film, on the other hand, is enjoyable to watch because of the odd Mickey and Mallory characters and the quick movement between genres. It’s one of Oliver Stone’s best pictures, which is astonishing given that it’s the least Stone-like film in his canon. Natural Born Killers, in contrast to the director’s earlier works, is a straight-up stylish bloodfest.


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