Spoilers are annoying, but so are movie leaks. Thanks to the internet and all the nosy movie spies, the release of leaks has become even more prominent over time. In this era where information travels at the speed of light, it’s really hard to be saved from unwanted information. No matter how hard you try, where’s there’s a spoiler, there will be someone or something itching to give it away.

Leaks don’t always affect movies in a negative way. Depending on the size and amount of leak, it also depends on the budget of the movie. Usually, big budget movies survive small leaks. But there are leaks which ruin the basic twist of the movie for the fans, leaving zero enthusiasm among the fans. The revelation of big plots even before the movie release could turn out to be a matter of grave concern, given, it could affect the performance of the movie on the box office.

However, there are times when leaks have turned out to be good news for the movie. They have served as a way of getting audience feedback, making it easier for the film marketing.
Given below are a few leaks that spoiled the movies, and a few that saved them.
Spoiler Alert for Avengers 4 and Aquaman. Proceed at your own risk.

8. Justice League resurrects Superman (Spoiled):
We all know that during Justice League’s marketing, they weren’t able to be as subtle at hiding Superman’s resurrection as they thought they would be. After excluding Superman from almost every part of the film’s marketing, he finally showed up at the posters right after release, when initially, he was seen standing among the other superheroes in the movie publicity still.
Among the other instances where Superman’s resurrection was already clear, there were other leaks, like, the one with Superman’s face off against the League’s other heroes, and the sequence of Superman in a black version of his suit. By the end, we all knew what DC had in hold for us, unfortunately.

7. Aquaman’s Costume (Spoiled):
DC did manage to get everyone hyped up about Aquaman. So far, the trailers have come out just fine and it seemed that Arthur Curry just might be able to compensate for the recent DC disasters (we all know what we’re talking about).
The hype about his costume was real. Is it going to be the classic orange gold attire or is it going to be something new? But it was until they showed off a prototype of his toy (in his updated Aquaman costume) at a convention. Tragic, indeed.

6. Tony and Cap in Avengers 4 (Spoiled):
Whosoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words, wasn’t wrong at all. Let’s consider the movies. Do you realize how many plot leaks can a single set photo give away if it reached among the right audience?

Something similar happened with Avengers 4. A set photo leak of Tony Stark standing alongside captain America (wearing his suit), in their normal attires from the modern Marvel films, the picture did give us a definite idea of involvement of the Time Stone in the upcoming Avengers movie. Still something to look forward to.

5. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Unmasked (Spoiled):
Not many might know this and not many might talk about this but Batman: Mask of the Phantas may have the most fabled leak of all time. Bringing in the cast of the insanely popular Batman: The Animated Series, this movie legit turned out to be one of the best Batman movies ever made.
However, the biggest twist was given away by the least expected source: toys. The wonderful toy designing that involved a masked figure with a removable mask. It made the audience restless at finding out that the evil Phantasm was none other than, Andrea.

4. Civil War: Lego Leak (Spoiled):
Toys aren’t just meant for kids. It’s here to lure adults if you sell it right. Marvel have been making use of this to make sure that any beneficial deal does not remain untouched.
A Lego collection kicks in, and so do the spoilers. This is even before the release of Captain America: Civil War. The set representing an airfield battle, it explicitly included the Giant Man figure that gave out a notable revelation of the same.

3. Deadpool (Saved):
Everyone is aware of the anti hero that everyone is crazy about. The unexpected fame t hat this movie gained set stage for movies like Deadpool 2 (obviously) and Logan.
However, there’s more to it’s path to success. And that path includes a CGI rendered, leaked footage of a car fight that showed Ryan Reynolds as the character. The footage took the internet by storm and that’s when Fox decided that they want to do more.

2. The Joker (definitely Saved):
Like Batman, every generation has a different idea of how the ideal joker should be. For some it’s Nolan’s Joker which had the legendary Heath Ledger, for the rest, it’s Jared Leto’s joker, who by the way, didn’t really leave a decent impression on the audience.
After the announcement of a Joker movie lined up, recent revelation of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker did help DC get some favourable response from the audience. From an Instagram teaser to a spy footage release,it would be fair to say that now we definitely are more hyped up about the movie.

1. Captain Marvel’s Outfit (Saved):
Costumes play an important part in the success of any superhero movie. A good, familiar costume means that the comic fans can relate more to it. Obviously, a little upgrade doesn’t hurt either. A spy photo from the movie revealed Carol Danvers in her blue and teal coloured outfit, that looked a lot like the original Kree uniform that Mar-Vell wore.
Causing a chaos amongst the fans, it was clear that it wasn’t the appearance everyone else was expecting. However, another character leaks designs for Avengers 4 confirmed Captain Marvel in her modern costume which indeed calmed the fans down a great deal.

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