Captain Marvel made its comic book debut in 1968 when Mar-vell rebelled against his Kree superiors and since then inspiring from his name and legacy, we’ve seen number of Captain Marvels and Ms. Marvels in the Marvel Universe. Out of all these, Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan went on to become really popular among fans while characters like Genis-Vell and Sharon Ventura failed miserably.
Today we will list down five of the most memorable Captain/Ms. Marvel costumes ever worn in this or any other universe.

5. Like Father, Like Son
After the death of original Captain Marvel (Mar-vell), his son Genis-vell wanted his legacy to himself. He went against Monica Rambeau but eventually stepped aside.
Genis-vell’s costume is similar to Mar-vell with a few changes though the costume is very sparky with Star fields over the black parts.

4. Something blue
Most of Carol’s costumes have been a bit revealing but that changed completely when Carol became Captain Marvel. The new costume looked great and is mainly blue with a traditional black mask and a red helmet.

3. Embiggen
Kamala Khan is the latest heroine to become Ms. Marvel. At first she fought by shape-shifting into Carol Danvers but later she got herself a costume which was unique to her.
She made it out of burkini and added some gold trim and a lightning bolt insignia with yellow paint.

2. Ready for her close up
MCU has always been almost perfect when it comes to costume selection. Sometimes it’s as simple as Captain America’s helmet with painted wings while the other times, it’s as drastic as giving Scarlett Witch a red jacket.
MCU has noticeably made a few light changes and her costume resembles the blue in the comics.

1. Basic Black
She is one of the finest Carol Danvers’ looks ever which she wore during her brief stint with the Avengers. This look has also been adapted in Mini Marvels and The Super Hero Squad.
This attire attracted fans with its simple yet eye-catching style. After this, Carol Danvers moved on to less revealing attire while Kamala Khan went in a completely different direction, altogether.

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