Captain America and Cyclops have been leading the Avengers and X-Men for a long long time in the Marvel comics.


These two Superteams have saved the world from annihilation one too many times, and leading them into battle have been some pretty capable people. While Captain America was already a member of the Howling Commandos before going into ice and subsequently joining of Avengers after getting reanimated, Cyclops was just a young boy when he joined the team of X-Men and soon became their leader.


In some ways the two are pretty similar in how they show their leadership, and in some they are poles apart. But to say why one is better than the other is difficult, as they are both such good leaders.

So here are 5 reasons Cyclops is a better leader than Captain America, and 5 reasons that Cap takes the prize.

  1. Cyclops: A Leader Since His Younger Days


Cyclops joined the X-Men as a very young age and was soon pushed into a place of leadership. Yet, he managed to prove himself to be a proficient leader at that youthful age. He would just improve from that point, driving the X-Men from triumph to triumph against the most powerful mutant and human dangers.

  1. Captain America: A War Hero


The mantle of Captain America fell on the shoulders of Steve Rogers during World War II. He learned to become a hero and lead his team into battle while fighting Nazis and a mad scientist. He was thrust into the middle of it, with not much experience under his battle either and still managed to become a hero.

  1. Cyclops: Fight or Die


As a leader, Cyclops knows his team inside out, and he knows just how much he can ask for them, and what their limit is. But he is not just asking his team to fight until their last breath; he is willing to do it himself. But at the same time, he will never leave anyone behind.

  1. Captain America: I Can Do This All Day


Captain America is stubborn and loyal. He will fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, even if he is beaten down again and again. He will still stand back up and fight the bullies, because that is one thing he hates. Just like Scott, he would fight till the end.

  1. Cyclops: A Complete Front-Man


Cyclops never turns away from the battle. It doesn’t make a difference what his group is facing, Cyclops is their front man, standing right next to his team. A decent leader gets down and dirty with their soldiers and that is what Cyclops does. There’s nothing he would ask of his team that he wouldn’t do himself.

  1. Captain America: A Strategist At His Core


One of the instances where Captain America dominates the most as a team leader is his unmatched tactical abilities. Some of it is from his time in WWII, where he learnt from his time during the war. As years went on and he joined the Avengers, his strategic sharpness kept developing, making him into one of the best strategist in the Marvel Universe.

  1. Cyclops: Great Mentor


Under Cyclops’ training, the new and young X-Men became some of the formidable fighters. He was responsible for the coaching of the teams, taking mutants who had no prior experience with battle or with their powers, and making them into unparalleled superheroes.

  1. Captain America: Inspires People


The whole white blue and red of his uniform, the way he talks, the way he leads his team – Cap has always been inspiring. After all that he had been through, people would follow him into the depths of Hell if he asked them.

  1. Cyclops: All That He Has Conquered


Cyclops has had a hard life. Since his childhood, he had to become a protector – first for his younger siblings and then the young mutants who joined the school. After his powers came into being, he was scared of himself, and he overcame all that to become one of the greatest leaders.

  1. Captain America: All That He Has Faced


There aren’t very many pioneers out there that can flaunt their number of wins as much as Captain America. He has driven the Avengers into beating some of the most exceedingly fearful creatures the Marvel Universe has brought to the table, and that is a huge factor in being a great leader.

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