Dunkirk is a dark, nerve-wracking film about British WWII soldiers facing death. Christopher Nolan is the guy behind it, one of the few directors who can consistently produce masterpieces that break the $1 billion box office benchmark. It’s a difficult task, especially for someone who prioritizes creative ideas over conventional orthodoxy and produces films that are all better at the end. Dunkirk is a vivid and powerful film that grips you for 106 minutes and refuses to let go. Here are the ‘5 Reasons Dunkirk Will Forever Be A Misunderstood Cinematic Masterpiece.’

Christopher Nolan’s Greatest Film

Dunkirk (2017)

Christopher Nolan’s greatest movie so far is Dunkirk. Those who are familiar with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and the intricate, sci-fi-inspired films that followed it may be startled by how straightforward this one is. Rather than enveloping Dunkirk in an intricate narrative to make it feel clever, Nolan strips it of every clichéd military movie stereotype that most films fall prey to. Dunkirk will be remembered for the way it makes you feel after it’s over: stunned, on edge, and struggling to breathe.

Multiple Perspectives

Dunkirk (2017) — Rhythm and Blues and Oranges — SAD HILL MEDIA
Crew Proceeds

The story opens on the land, with a young military soldier attempting to evacuate the town with his fellow soldiers in order to return to Britain. Two RAF fighter pilots are in charge of maintaining German planes away from the shore by taking them down as they approach. A mariner, his son, and a ragtag stowaway are traveling towards Dunkirk by boat while the rest of the crew proceeds in the reverse direction, hellbent on saving as many British soldiers as doable. It’s because of this component that it’s undeniably a Christopher Nolan film: ambitiously designed and expertly executed.

Sound Design

Dunkirk - Bomb Explosion
Source: The New York Times

The booms of bombs, explosions, and storms of bullets have done the talking for Nolan and his supervising sound designer Richard King. Hans Zimmer’s simmering soundtrack adds to the tense atmosphere, as it can be heard in almost every scene, seething beneath the surface and ready to burst when the fight begins. As a result, on rare occasions when things are quiet, it can be quite frightening. You become acutely aware of the threat looming over the soldiers on film.

Demands to be seen on the Biggest Screen

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

The vast majority of viewers are likely to see Dunkirk in its most affordable and accessible form: on a digital projector at a multiplex. Of course, it’s a fantastic picture that can stand on its own on any screen, but if there’s ever an opportunity to spend a few more dollars to watch a film come to life, this is the time. The greatest way to see the movie, according to Nolan, is on an IMAX screen in 70mm.

Applaudible Cast

Harry Styles
Harry Styles- Dunkirk

The majority of the youthful cast members are newbies who skillfully portray this tense situation as if it were happening right in front of their eyes. Fionn Whitehead, a 19-year-old British kid who the film follows the most closely, deserves special mention. He’s the main point of Dunkirk, being dragged from the streets to the beaches, from ships to the sea. He dominates every scene he’s in. You might be amazed to notice that Harry Styles, a former part of One Direction, shines in his few vital moments as well.

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