As Christopher Nolan’s magnum opus project Oppenheimer, is gradually inching closer to its official entry into the billion-dollar club, the sci-fi epic has become one of the biggest critical and commercial blockbusters of 2023 as of now. As the SAG-AFTRA strikes affected the promotion of Cillian Murphy’s project, the movie still went on to create wonders at the box office.

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As Oppenheimer competes with Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, it has not only broken records at the box office but also for the legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan. After giving successful blockbusters like The Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and Memento, Christopher Nolan deviated his path from projects with ambiguous endings to retelling the story of a man who went on to change the history and geopolitics of the world. Without hyping much, let’s find out how Oppenheimer broke Christopher Nolan’s created records.

Oppenheimer Saw Cillian Murphy In The Leading Role For The First Time

The great rapport between Christopher Nolan and the Peaky Blinders actor Cillian Murphy is not hidden from the world. Previously, the Irish actor collaborated with the Academy Award-nominated filmmaker in movies like Inception, Dunkirk, and The Dark Knight trilogy, Oppenheimer brought Cillian Murphy into the world of mainstream cinema as a leading man.

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

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He was critically acclaimed for the portrayal of theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s much-hyped project. Cillian Murphy came to the media spotlight with his period crime drama Peaky Blinders. With his unconventional looks and great acting prowess, the actor has already immortalized the character of Thomas Shelby.

Oppenheimer Was Christopher Nolan’s First Universal Collaboration

Christopher Nolan had been a significant part of the billion-dollar production house Warner Bros and has made great movies from the house of Warner Bros. The Inception director had bid goodbye to the production house over a dispute. According to the media outlet IGN, the bidding for Oppenheimer was won by the reputed Universal Pictures with non-negotiable terms outlined by Christopher Nolan.

Christopher Nolan during the filming of Oppenheimer

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According to a few terms and conditions made by Christopher Nolan, the famous production house Universal was asked not to produce any other project three weeks before the release of Oppenheimer.

The Star-Studded Cast Of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer

No doubt Christopher Nolan has an eye for great talent which is quite evident in his projects. From working with the talented star Christian Bale to Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio filmmaker is quite popular among the prominent actors he has worked with. For the first time, Christopher Nolan had famous A-listers from Hollywood on board for Oppenheimer. 

Oppenheimer cast during its London premiere

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The casting of the epic drama was perfectly done which included actors like Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Emily Blunt, Tom Conti, Josh Hartnett, and Rami Malek.

First Time Christopher Nolan Targeted A Different Audience For Oppenheimer

This time Christopher Nolan’s project did not focus on a specific target audience. Oppenheimer is a re-telling of one of the most important men in the history of mankind. The filmmaker did take a risk this time by making a movie for all and showing something that everybody has already known and read about.

Matt Damon as Leslie Groves and Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer in Oppenheimer

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Despite being shot in both black and white and color frames, Oppenheimer went on to prove that with great storytelling, a re-telling from the past can also work wonders at teh box office and as well as critically.

Christopher Nolan’s First Project That Doesn’t Have A Confusing Ending

The British-American director is quite well known for leaving his target audience in bits and pieces with respect to the climax of his projects. Be it his space Odyssey Interstellar or Inception. With Oppenheimer, he has broken his own record of confusing endings.

A scene from Christopher Nolan’s Inception

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Undoubtedly, there are instances in the movie that indirectly denote ambiguity, but not as similar as his previous projects. Made on a budget of $100 million, the movie has already grossed a staggering $853.24 million and is slowly inching toward its billion-dollar mark.

Oppenheimer is currently running in theatres around the world.

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