With the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s interesting developments, fans are excited to see more crossovers within different movies and series. With WandaVision grabbing all the Marvel lovers’ attention, MCU’s connections between other characters and movies are pretty evident. Before establishing Avengers in the Cinematic Universe (i.e., before Iron Man in 2008), movie screens were flashing development of other Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Punisher and, X-Men individually. Different production houses run these franchises. But now after Disney’s association with Fox, storylines are going to be connecting very soon. Fans will finally see the Fantastic Four and X-Men mutants together. Let’s begin with the list (can’t wait any longer!!):

1. Wolverine And Spider-Man
Wolverine was going to appear in Spider-Man

1. Wolverine And Spider-Man

In an interview, Hugh Jackman revealed that he was going to feature in the first Spider-Man movie. During the 2000s, Spider-Man and X-Men were Marvel’s highest rated movies. It would be unfair if we don’t say that these movies set the pace and the future for the MCU. Hugh Jackman stated that he was supposed to have a walk-on cameo. The Wolverine costume, however, was nowhere to be seen, and the idea fell off. This very incident of Wolverine in the same universe as that of Spider-Man would have given the idea of Marvel’s crossover. And the fans would have had their minds blown by knowing this. Fans might just be able to see them unite now in the MCU.

2. Fantastic Four: Deleted Scene
Reed imitates Wolverine

2. Fantastic Four: Deleted Scene

In a deleted scene from Fantastic Four in 2005, a scene clearly showed connections between the four superheroes and Wolverine. The link could have hinted to the viewers that both of them exist in the same universe. The scene was such that, when Reed Richards jokes, Susan Storm wants a “stronger” guy and imitates Wolverine. That would have resulted in the understanding that both were aware of each other’s existence. If this had come in front of the viewers, the storylines connecting could have been different (or not?).

Fox's First Crossover Film
Fox was planning to bring a crossover film.

3. Fox’s First Crossover Film

In an interview, Zack Stentz, the X-Men First Class writer, revealed that Fox had asked him to work on a secret movie that involved the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and Daredevil. They scrapped the project! Rumors say that the movie’s plot was the same as Captain America: Civil War, with the heroes asked to sign a treaty with the government. If this had happened as planned, Fox would have beaten Marvel in bringing about a Marvel comic crossover movie. Things would have been different for the MCU.

Iron Man's Deleted Post Credit Scene
Nick Fury mentions Spider-Man and mutants

4. Iron Man’s Deleted Post Credit Scene

In the movie Iron Man, there was a post-credit scene shot. The shot had Nick Fury discussing initiating the Avengers. He mentioned “gamma incidents”, “radioactive bugs”, and “assorted mutants”. This clearly meant the Hulk, Spider-Man, and the X-Men army. Kevin Feige released this shot 11 years after Iron Man’s release. The scene got deleted then, but it seems that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios already had this in mind and were probably only waiting for the right time to reveal it.

Punisher in Spider-Man 2
Punisher cameo in Spider-Man 2

5. Punisher in Spider-Man 2

Do you remember the scene in Spider-Man 2, where Mary Jane runs away from her own wedding for Spider-Man? If one looks carefully, the man in black appears for a blink-of-an-eye. The man that arises is the stunt double of Thomas Jane, the actor in Punisher. Sony Pictures and Fox legally agreed on the appearance. Since Jane’s contract didn’t allow him to act in Spider-Man 2, they decided to send his stunt double for the cameo. This confirms the association of Spider-Man and Punisher and their plans for crossing over. 


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