Magneto was introduced as the arch-nemesis of Professor X in the very first issue of the X-Men comics back in 1963. His control over everyday metals and his outstanding ability to generate magnetic fields has made him a dangerous opponent which requires X-Men to use their best team in order to stop him.

The X-Men comics and franchise grew and so did Magneto’s powers. Some of the powers of Magneto have been obvious plot devices we can expect from the comics. But when it comes to comic book superpowers, Magneto has consistent jaw-dropping powers. His usual powers are that can manipulate metals and objects with magnetic properties, but his powers are much more than that as discovered all these years. Here are some Superpowers not everyone is aware of!


1. He Can Wield Mjolnir!

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In Ultimates 3 #5, fans got to witness something they were always wondering, “Can Magneto control Thor’s hammer?”. When the Ultimate Avengers battle Magneto, Ultron, and the army of robotic superhero doppelgangers, Thor drops his hammer. Magneto is already filled with a vengeance over the deaths of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. He draws the hammer to him by manipulating the iron that was forged in it.

He doesn’t keep the hammer for long though. But it was long enough to flood New York City and killed most of the people and separate Ultimates. Finally, when X-Men joins the fight, Cyclops and Valkyrie take back Mjolnir from him.

2. The Electromagnetic Sight


Magento has the power to manipulate the electromagnetic energy along with the entire EM spectrum, but he can also visually perceive the world through more than the spectrum of visible light. This power has been shown in the comic book throughout but isn’t specifically mentioned. Magneto can distinguish the electromagnetic aura not only given off by all living things but also visualize electromagnetic forces that surround planets.

UN Security Council had activated the “Magneto Protocols” when they saw the renascent Magneto. They established satellites above in a low orbit which was below his orbital base of Avalon. Thus further would slant Earth’s electromagnetic field and thus prevent Magneto from using his powers on Earth. But upon seeing this arrangement, Magneto unleashed a planet-wide EMP. This further shut down all electronic devices on Earth and the satellites within minutes.


3. Astral Projection

Magneto X Men

Magento can use his powers to reach out to others’ minds. In his earlier comic book appearances, he was also able to send out Astral projections of himself. In X-Men 1 #6, Magneto and Xavier discover the Submariner and try to figure out if he is a mutant. Magneto sends an astral projection of himself to the Atlantean kingdom and tries to instigate Submariner’s followers to turn on him.

Further, this power was not used until the X-Men: The Hidden Years series.


4. He Is A Genuis In Practical Genetics

Magneto Powers Defenders Alpha.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=963&h=481&dpr=1

Magneto is a firm believer in the superiority of mutants and has devoted many years to understanding genetics and mutation. His experiments have pushed the powers of mutants further so they have greater survival odds and defend themselves when needed.

When he withdrew to the Savage Lands in X-Men series 1, he genetically altered the natives there and created Savage Land Mutates who worshiped him as “The Creator”. They have impressive powers and could also regain their superhuman forms if they ever lost them. In Defenders, Magneto was also able to genetically engineer the super mutant Alpha by using alien technology. He has managed to create artificial life and influence their genetic structure and even create enhanced clones of human adults. He is a genius!

5. He Can Manipulate Gravity!



Yes, we know Magneto can fly, but he can also manipulate the forces of magnetism and gravity for other people and objects. He can create a localized electromagnetic field with reversed polarity from the Earth to levitate powerful mutants as well as massive objects.

In New Mutants 1 #35, when Magento took over Xavier’s School, he started a training regime upon Charles’ request. This training was to propel the mutants to the limits of their powers. When Wolfsbane bites Magento, he repels Wolfbane by reversing the gravity in the room and making him fall on the floor! And Magneto being Magneto, declared himself the winner of this exercise!


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