Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan has been a childhood essential on bookshelves for the last decade (or more). They have stayed to be bestsellers as they truly deserve and we saw Percy and co take a different challenge in each of them.

The movies sadly didn’t do justice to the books. But thankfully Disney+ is here to give a treat to the fans and is hopefully turning around things with a TV series with the entire season to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Here’s what we are expecting from the show:

1. More Greek God Adaptations

Movies Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson – Medusa

One of the most unique things about Percy Jackson is the way Rick Riodarn has established a world that includes Gods and creatures from Greek mythology into a modern world. The fact that he leads us to believe that the Underworld could be in Los Angeles or Medusa could be selling the statues of her victims is all intriguing.

We are hoping to see the Disney+ series go in-depth with these characters that Percy and co. met while getting to the Underworld. There are so many details from the books that were skipped by the film. For example, we never saw Percy hearing thoughts of horses or he being haunted in his dreams of Kronos or Thalia. These additions would be great if added to the series.

2. Establishing the Camp Half-Blood Correctly

Movies Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson

Everyone knows that Camp Half-Blood is the very main base of the books. It was very underwhelming in the film, considering in the books it was one of the most interesting places to hang out.

There is a ton of worldbuilding that can take place for the camp itself. We could see the half-bloods meeting Nymphs and what not! Hopefully, the series devotes an episode or two to the camp.

3. True Dynamic Between Percy, Annabeth, and Grover

Movies Percy Jackson
Percy, Annabeth, and Grover

When it comes to the central heroes of the series, the dynamic was completely different in the movies when compared to the books. Hollywood sort of made them into boring characters.

Annabeth was misread in the movie as well. Percy was given way more heroic characters than he has in the books. Let’s not even get started with Grover! He was just seen as a wannabe ladies’ man. We are hoping that at least the series gets the dynamic correctly.

4. Exploring the Underworld


The movies did pay attention to the backbones of the story. But then it just went on to jump without giving attention to the details which were mentioned in the books.

In The Lightning Thief, the book saw the trio explore the Underworld. But all this wasn’t captured much in the movie. There is so much to explore for the series.

5. Percy Jackson at the right age

Percy Jackson

Book fans had been quite disappointed to see that the movie showed the main cast as teenagers. Percy was supposed to be 12 years old according to the first book of the series, and they completely ignored this fact.

Getting the age right would be vital for the Disney+ series. And we could watch the cast grow up for real as we did with the Harry Potter franchise!

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