For the very first time in 18 years, The Matrix franchise made its entry back exclusively on the silver screen. Although we are already known to the fact that the future is defined by the past in both real as well as the Matrix world. While you explore further, you will get to notice that there is an intricate with the extensive philosophies, exploration of faith, human progress, and many more where the technology is adversely affected to meet the needs of the technophobia which is all wrapped up in the gun-fu love embracing the significance of believing in oneself.

Before You Validate Further, Below Are 5 Things To Remember Before The Matrix Resurrections:

  1. The Matrix Is In Its 6th Iteration Within The Original Terminology:

The Matrix in its 6th iteration
The Matrix in its 6th iteration

Throughout the series, Matrix was heralded as ‘The one’ person who prophesied to put the bottom line between humans as well as machines in order to bring non-violence and only peace. Even considering the earlier five versions, it has been said that matrix was given with an opportunity to reboot the entire system with the motive to repopulate Zion, which Neo decides to follow his heart moving onto the trinity which is like inches away from death rather be agreeing architect’s terms.

2. Neo And Trinity Both Ended Their Lives In The Matrix Revolutions:

Neo And Trinity
Neo And Trinity

If you recall the part, you will be reminded that trinity was mortally injured in a crash whilst landing the machine city and Neo after one epic final slowdown. Since the new trailers have been released, we have an account that both are alive but they appear to have a major memory loss which means they both do not remember one another.

3. The Matrix Was Rebooted More Than Once:

Matrix rebooted
Matrix rebooted

Peace was to be served right after Neo’s sacrifice wherein Matrix was rooted whilst kicking off the seventh iteration in such a complex situation. By the end, all programs and humans were assimilated by Agent Smith. This is where the peaceful moment arrived for the two, and by that time, time wraps up the original terminology which we have no idea how long it’s going to last.

4. The Oracle Already Knew About The Neo’s Return:

Oracle's prophecy
Oracle’s prophecy

By the time when Sati asks the question to Oracle, with extreme powers she responds by quoting that she does suspect his return, someday. This way we are aware that Oracle, already knew what was going to happen further. since we are aware that Neo has returned someway in The Matrix Resurrected, the all-knowing computer program is right again.

5. Morpheus Known In Trilogy Died In An Online Video Game:

m 5

We all are aware of the fact that Laurence will not be reprising his role of Morpheus instead the role will be on the go to be played by Yahya Abdul. This is the only reason we could denote why Morpheus looks way different than earlier. Need not go long way as Morpheus did not really die on the big screen but he was found dead in the Matrix video game played back in 2005.

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