Movie villains are sometimes over-the-top on purpose, in order to create suspense, drama, and excitement. They are charming and interesting, regardless of how bad their conduct is, and the only thing better is witnessing how they meet their end at the hands of the hero in the film’s conclusion.

Many of these villains die with varying degrees of dramatic flair, and their deaths have been captured on film in some of the most re-watched movie moments in history. It’s also not enough for a villain to fall. They must provide an extra-special level of dramatic effect before the real event happens.

5. Golden Eye – Alec Trevelyan

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006 and 007 had a turbulent relationship, with the latter realizing that the former had gone rogue following a botched mission. Under the alias Janus, 006, aka Alec Trevelyan, he attempted to get GoldenEye, a satellite-based EMP weapon created by the Russians before the Soviet Union’s demise.

Bond confronted Trevelyan one more time atop a massive communications dish in Cuba, culminating with Bond capturing Trevelyan by the leg. Bond let Trevelyan die with a stunning death scream worthy of Sean Bean’s level after giving one of the finest James Bond quotations of all time.

4. The Batman – Joker

The climactic showdown between The Joker and Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 blockbuster is one for the ages. After dispatching the Joker’s henchmen, Batman turns his focus to the assassin who murdered his parents so many years ago. Despite being clearly outmatched in terms of physical strength, the Joker shifts the scales in his favor by hurling both Batman and Vicki Vale from a church tower.

The Joker grins and dances as they cling to the edge, allowing Batman the opportunity to zip-tie his leg with a grapple gun. As the Joker’s chopper pulls him away from the brink, it hooks on a stone gargoyle, causing him to lose his grasp and fall to his death.

3. RoboCop – Dick Jones

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In the original RoboCop, the shady Dick Jones had a lot to account for. He not only assassinated Bob Morton out of spite after being one-upped on the business ladder, but he also collaborated with Detroit’s most ruthless and cruel criminal. RoboCop was ready for retaliation by the time the dust settled.

Jones, on the other hand, had surreptitiously installed the Fourth Directive into RoboCop’s programming, barring him from arresting any senior member of the OCP. When Jones kidnapped the Old Man, the latter dismissed him on the spot, thereby nullifying the Fourth Directive. RoboCop shot Jones to death and threw him out the boardroom window.

2. Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith – Mace Windu

When Chancellor Palpatine exposed himself to be Darth Sidious, the Jedi were ordered to depose him. The Sith Lord slew several of them in a second, leaving just Mace Windu, a seasoned Jedi warrior, standing. Windu had the upper hand and prepared to strike him down as the two fought tooth and nail.

Anakin Skywalker’s unexpected intervention provided Sidious with the opportunity he needed to reverse the tide. He unleashed the entire might of dark side Force lightning on Windu, knocking him out of the Chancellor’s rooms and to his death. Windu’s narrative would have turned out quite differently if he had been successful in apprehending Sidious.

  1. Terminator 2: Judgment Day – T1000

Terminator 2’s final scene at the metalworks facility is one of the most stunning falling villains kills. After assuming the guise of his mother, the T-1000 attempted to entice John Connor, his primary target, into a last fatal strike. The real Sarah Connor arrived to level the score, launching a grenade that blew the T-1000 apart.

The Terminator was severely damaged, and before it could reunite, it collapsed into a vat of molten lead, melting molecule by molecule while flailing around in an attempt to preserve itself. The spine-tingling shrieking was only a foreshadowing of the ultimate sight of its face-melting away, putting a stop to the menace once and for all.

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