For most of us, Spider- Man: Homecoming and Spider- Man: Far from Home are the best Spider- Man movies ever made. And thankfully, the studio showing his origin story and just hopped on to his early days of crimefighting.
Spider- Man has a classic backstory and there are many iterations to the same over the last 50 years giving the future films numerous plots to choose from. But here are some things that won’t show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films as they are not appropriate for Hollywood

1. The Spider Mobile 

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He can literally web- sling around the town but needs the car! The Spider Mobile was actually designed by Jonny Storm aka The Human Torch who is his  good friend.
And it had some really great features like the ability to drive on walls.

2. Spider- Man Came Across His Robot Assassin Parents

parents alive but actually robots photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=375&q=60&dpr=1

We all know that Peter Parker was raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben after his parents passed away in a plane crash when he was very young. And thus, Richard and May Parker didn’t really have big roles in Spider-Man, But they were brought back to life in form of shape- shifting robots to torture Spidey.

3. The Time Peter Parker Grew Six Arms

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Spider- Man served as an allegory for puberty. All his movies we have seen until now, did not go as per the comic books.. He has experienced all sorts of strange bodily changes during his teen years but nothing compared to the time when he grew four extra arms.

4. Spider- Man Just LOVES Bananas 

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In the comics, the US Department of Agriculture used Spider- Man in a PSA about healthy eating… and it actually made sense. The ad showed him defeating a giant monster. Then when Spidey is offered a reward for the same, he turns it down in exchange for a banana; telling kids that eating healthy has its own reward.

5. The Time When Doctor Octopus Almost Married Aunt May

doctor octopus almost marrying aunt may photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=375&q=60&dpr=1

Ugh. Hopefully no film is going to explore this romance. As much as we do not want to believe this either, the two were once engaged to be married until, Spider- Man did a last minute intervention to halt the proceedings. It was revealed that Ock was interested in May because of a nuclear facility she had inherited, but they did develop genuine feelings for each other.

6.  The Time When Doctor Doom Actually Used A Spider To Phone Spider- Man

doctor doom using spider to phone spidey somehow photo u1?auto=format&fit=crop&fm=pjpg&w=375&q=60&dpr=1


Doctor Doom is yet to make his MCU debut but is one of the most storied and respected Marvel villains. He has had his own pretty embarrassing moments too. His backstory will have to be pruned too … maybe a little bit, just like they did with Spider- Man’s.
Both of them did have a cross over silly moment back in the day, when Doctor Doom actually turned a common spider into a telephone that could contact the hero through his Spider- Sense. THIS IS HILARIOUS.
Sort of Comic Book Science at its best.

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