Doctor Doom is a villain nobody would dare disrespect. Sure there are villains like Apocalypse, Galactus, Ultron, and the Red Skull. But when you hear Doom, you bow your head down and kneel in awe and fear. A cult classic villain like that never goes out of style. Casual movie goers believe Thanos is the greatest Marvel villain of all time. That no other villain could dwarf his sinister stature and challenge the Avengers like the Mad Titan did. We are dead sure you have not see the force of nature that is Doctor Victor Von Doom, Ruler of Latveria. His power and brilliance is so mighty even a Cosmic God with the power of the Heart of the Universe in his grasp considered Doctor Doom a bigger threat than Thanos could ever be.


Imagine – a God with the power to literally do anything he ever wanted was scared of Doctor Doom. One one side was the wielder of a source of power unlike anything the universe had ever see. On the other side was just one man albeit with a brilliant mind. The former had made enemies with the whole world, including Thanos. But the God was still scared of Doctor Doom more than anybody else.

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The story begins with a six issue limited series titled Marvel: The End. A group of alien entities discover a secret energy source called the Heart of the Universe. Calling themselves the “Celestial Order”, these beings bestowed a select few mortals with the power to harness its infinite energy. The Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten was chosen by the Order to become a God and protect Earth in their quest to force peace onto the Universe.

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As they say – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Akhenaten, with his newfound Godlike status, decided to conquer Earth rather than protect it from a distance. Swiftly, he took down the entire roster of Superheroes Earth had at her disposal. The select few that managed to escape like Doctor Strange, Namor, and the Silver Surfer did so with Thanos. Thanos had figured out the source of Akhenaten’s power. And he took the burden of cutting the connection between Akhenaten and the Heart of the Universe at the source itself.

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That is obviously something Akhenaten should be watching out for. Thanos and the other superheroes are a formidable enemy. Even Akhenaten would have trouble dealing with them all. But he did not even bother looking up to what they were doing. Because Akhenaten, ladies and gentlemen, believed that there was someone who possessed a threat even bigger than Thanos. Thanos was not even in the picture. Akhenaten believed the greatest threat the existence of a Cosmic God was not the mad Titan but the very human Doctor Doom.


You see Akhenaten’s reasoning was simple. Doctor Doom possessed a mind so simply brilliant he could easily find a way to depose Akhenaten. And not even the power of the Heart of the Universe was strong enough to stop such a resourceful threat. Akhenaten was right. Doctor Doom did come up with a very easy way to deal with Akhenaten.

Doctor Doom as the Infamous Iron Man from Marvel Comics

His plan was so simple yet brilliant it would but the efforts of all superheroes of the world fighting Akhenaten to shame.

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Doom knew that Akhenaten was a pharaoh hailing from ancient Egypt. He only managed to attain Godlike power and travel to the future and conquer Earth because of the Celestial Order. But there has to be a time before the Order was even aware of Akhenaten as a potential candidate. All Doom needed to do to end Akhenaten’s tyranny was travel back to a time when he was just a no-good Egyptian Pharaoh and murder him. That way he could change the very fate of the universe. Since Akhenaten would have died before he was ever chosen to channel the power of the Heart of the Universe by the Celestial Order, Earth would have been saved.

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To put matters into perspective, almost every superhero worth his or her salt in the Marvel Comic Book Universe had access to time travel technology. It’s the comic books duh!! But it was only Doctor Doom who was brilliant enough to come up with such a genius solution. Akhenaten did realize the threat Doom possessed so he had kept his past self under constant observation, so that no pesky time traveler ruins the timeline. In the end, Akhenaten did defeat Doom. But before doing so, the Pharaoh turned God acknowledged he saw no one, not even Thanos, who possessed a greater danger to the Gods than Doctor Doom.

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All Hail Doom!!!!

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