The Marvel Cinematic Cosmos has indisputably changed our pop-culture universe over the course of 12 years and 23 films. With so many films out there, every superhero fan has a favorite character, moment, or movie. While superhuman movies aren’t exactly known for their spectacular surprises, Marvel has discovered how to wow viewers with each picture they release. Unfortunately, 2020 was the last year without a new MCU adventure on the big screen (WandaVision was postponed to 2021). As a result, we at Animated Times have created this list of 6 Marvel Moments We Fans Didn’t See But Certainly Happened.

6. When Peter Parker met Ant-Man:



5. When Thor taught other Asgardians about Earth:



4. When Loki met Peter Parker:



3. When Thor finally had a catch-up talk with the other Avengers:



2. When homophobes sued Tony Stark:



1. And why Nick Fury didn’t call Captain Marvel until now:


So yeah, these are the 6 Marvel Moments We Fans Didn’t See But Certainly Happened. Well, what to say man, if these things really happened, then these would have been some of the dope moments in the Marvel universe. So did you guys enjoy these moments? Do let us know all in the comment section below, and till then, keep on reading Animated Times, the ideal site to learn about the entertainment business, new movies, TV shows, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll keep you updated, and you can find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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