Once Hollywood stars set a certain benchmark for themselves, they definitely get a lot of offers. While they do live a glamorous life, they sometimes end up rejecting a project for another one. And many times they do regret rejecting those roles whenever the film goes super hit. Of course, no one can say for sure how would a film do at the box office.

But then there are certainly rare and golden times when the actors actually were relieved that they dodged a bullet by rejecting the films which did very bad at the box office or with the critics. Here are the actors who are thankful they rejected these projects:

1. Val Kilmer For Batman and Robin

Actors who rejected flop films
Val Kilmer decided not to star in Batman and Robin

Fans were expecting Val Kilmer to play Batman for another film but when Batman and Robin came out, it was George Clooney who played Batman and not Val Kilmer. Apparently, Val didn’t have a free schedule and his ego issues were the reasons he couldn’t reprise the role.

But the film was a flop and faced hard criticism as well. So Val Kilmer definitely got saved from it.

2. Christian Bale and Dakota Fanning For Noah

Actors who rejected flop movies
Christian Bale luckily dodged Noah

This film didn’t really have any fans and we can understand why. And it was not a surprise when the film didn’t do well at the box office.

Luckily for Christain Bale and even Dakota Fanning, they successfully dodged the flop.  Initially, they were supposed to be Noah and Ila but both of them decline the roles. And later, Russell Crowe and Emma Watson were gotten in their place.

3. Jim Carrey For Son of The Mask and Evan Almighty.

A listers who rejected bad movies
Jim Carrey was not interested in these two sequels

Fans know that Jim Carrey doesn’t do sequels usually but he did break his rule for Dumb and Dumber To and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. But he never did sequels to some of his greatest hits like Bruce Almighty and The Mask.

Well lucky for him, both of those movies did really bad at the box office!

4. Brad Pitt For The Fountain

Actors who luckily dodged flop films
Brad Pitt was not available for The Fountain

The Fountain had great potential but it was too heavy for the viewers and many of them just decided to skip the movie altogether. Brad Pitt dodged this film and it went to Hugh Jackman.

5. Fred Armisen for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Flop movies that were rejected by these A listers
Fred Armisen got lucky thanks to his tight schedule

Many fans were actually excited for the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, but sadly it underperformed at the box office. It had cost them $135 million to produce but only earned $245 million in revenue and the critics considered it a flop.

Luckily for Fred Armisen (he was supposed to voice Krang), he avoided the project altogether because he had a tight schedule.

6. Jennifer Lopez for The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Flop movies rejected by famous celebs
Jennifer Lopez was lucky enough to avoid The Adventures of Pluto Nash

This movie was just an absolute disaster. It was so bad that they regarded it as one of the worst disasters in film history. To begin with, it had a budget of $100 million and earned only $7.1 million. We are sure Eddie Murphy never wants to talk about this film ever in his life. The movie had a great cast but it still couldn’t save the film.

But Jennifer Lopez managed to save herself from doing this disaster film. She had signed to play love interest Dina Lake but decided to withdraw before they started filming.

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