After Thanos succeeded in attaining all the six Infinity Stones and completing the Gauntlet, he wiped out 50% of life in the universe in an instant. Moviegoers saw the full extent of what the most powerful weapon in the MCU could do. Seeing so many superheroes, they’ve grown to love over the course of 20 films disintegrate was a real shock for fans.

While the Infinity Stones/Gauntlet aren’t the only weapons we’ve seen so far, there many more like the Chitauri Scepter wielded by Loki and Tesseract which have played a significant role in the MCU films. Fans are also familiar with Thor’s Mjolnir and Cap’s vibranium shield. However, there are many weapons that are yet to be introduced in the MCU. So today, we will countdown 7 weapons that we hope to see soon in the MCU.

7. Paste-Pot Pete’s Glue Gun
Spider-Man: Homecoming was an exceptionally entertaining film. Tom Holland has an excited fizz to his execution that is on occasion very beguiling and at others, out and out entertaining. That film additionally highlighted a little appearance from low-level Spider-lowlife, The Shocker, with two of Toomes' men acting under the monicker at various focuses.

We trust this thought proceeds in Spider-Man: Far From Home and we get a few appearances from other lesser known villains. A silly one would be Paste-Pot Pete, otherwise known as the Trapster, an additionally ran who is routinely prodded and snickered at by Spidey amid their experiences. His trademark weapon is his paste firearm, which shoots a fluid paste/glue substance.

6. Zeke Stane’s Power Upgrade
The miscreant in Iron Man was Jeff Bridges’ Obadiah Stane, Tony Stark’s guide and colleague. He ended up wearing Iron Monger protection to fight Tony. We’d love for his child Zeke to be highlighted in a MCU motion picture, as his comic book manifestation is more fascinating than Obadiah’s. Zeke was made by Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson in 2008.

He has constructed bioweaponry and produced cutting-edge weapons for fear mongers and supervillains from the age of nine. His virtuoso dimension judgment and fortune empowered him to figure out Tony Stark’s tech from the underground market, overhauling his own science, including his nerve center.

5. Trident Of Neptune
Not to be mistaken for the Trident Of Poseidon, which Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has of now swinging around in James Wan’s super spending DC motion picture, the Trident Of Neptune is nearly connected with Namor the Sub-Mariner in the Marvel Universe. Around 2000 years prior Atlanteans started to worship Set, an Elder God, however Poseidon expelled him and his religion.

He at that point lived among the Atlanteans as their defender, before leaving a duplicate of his mythical trident with their pioneer. This trident later came into the ownership of Namor.

4. Kraven The Hunter’s Arsenal
Kraven the Hunter has nearly made it to the extra large screen a couple of times. The Amazing Spider-Man chief Marc Webb affirmed he would’ve been an individual from the Sinister Six if the rejected third motion picture had ever been made and Ryan Coogler uncovered he at first intended to incorporate him in Black Panther! It was then declared in October 2018 that Sony expects to make a Kraven solo motion picture (maybe encouraged by the accomplishment of Venom) and is looking to Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer) to coordinate.

Be that as it may, until the point when that is marked, fixed and conveyed, we can, in any case, dare to dream that Kraven will advance into the MCU. I

3. Retroactive Cannon
This is an absolutely irregular weapon that has just showed up in one issue (2006’s She-Hulk #3), however, it’s astute and would be conceivably clever whenever utilized in a MCU film. It is the principle weapon of the Time Variance Authority, an association checking the multiverse and endeavouring to downplay fleeting impedance. The gun is intended to besiege a person with against worldly beams, disentangling them in reverse through time and deleting them from the real world.

The name ‘Retroactive Cannon’ is a reference to ‘retcon’, the training utilized by numerous funnies authors throughout the years when they retroactively change components of coherence.

2. Moon Knight’s Golden Aankh
Moon Knight is one of Marvel’s best religion characters and, regardless of the way that his funnies are once in a while ready to support deals for extensive stretches, his name is constantly bandied around when discusses new film or TV adjustments manifest. There have been gossipy tidbits about a Netflix TV appear for a considerable length of time and James Gunn tweeted in January 2017 that he had addressed Marvel Studios around an MCU motion picture for the character.

Starting at yet, nothing has happened, however, we’d love to see Marc Spector terribly avenging on the extra large screen. One of his mid-’80s weapons, the Golden Ankh, could be consolidated into the MCU by method, for Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye.

1. Kang’s Time Chair
Kang the Conqueror, a standout amongst the most well known Avengers and Fantastic Four miscreants in the Marvel Universe, still can’t seem to show up in a no-frills film or network show. A time-traveler who navigates existence utilizing his Time Chair, he cuts a fundamentally the same as figure to DC’s Fourth World character Metron, who additionally crosses reality in his Mobius Chair.

Kang’s time chair has propelled laser protections and an incredible power shield around it and was once used to convey the Avengers to an anonymous universe in which Earth and its occupants had been pulverized.

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