The creators of MCU take inspiration from comic books and formulate it into its movies. So far, it has worked well for them. Many times, they throw in a supporting actor which turns out pretty major down the hill. For instance, Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye. All these characters had smaller roles in the initial films.

The same formula is used by the Marvel TV shows. They use their supporting actors who become major ones with time. Today we will explore 7 Marvel Side Characters that are better than the main ones.

7. Winter Soldier
Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier has been a standout in all his performances so far in the MCU. The story development of the character has been pretty smooth, as we see his journey from an army officer to a brainwashed HYDRA operative doing dirty jobs.

The best part was the emotional touch to the character trying to regain his memories and putting his life back again.

6. Peggy Carter
The casting of Haley Attwell proved the key to this character’s success. The actress looked beautiful as the special agent who aids Steve Rogers after he becomes Captain America.

The character got so popular that she got her own solo series on ABC. Peggy is also a hardened soldier, someone who is willing to take the charge and risk her life. While the character got passed on, her legacy will live with us for time to come.

5. War Machine
Terrance Howard’s Jim Rhodes is the weakest part of the first Iron Man. Thankfully, he got replaced with Don Cheadle in the sequel and this time the character did much better. This Rhodey isn’t scared of arguing with Tony and even fights him in a suit after getting drunk at a party.

Rhodey then becomes Iron Patriot and later switched to War Machine in Age of Ultron. Rhodey’s military background helps him during combat.

4. Phil Coulson
Clark Gregg was a minor character in the film who ended up a star. Debuting in Iron Man as Coulson, the agent re-appeared again in Thor only to die at the hands of Loki in 2012’s Avengers.

However, the character returned in ABC’s Agents of SHIELD and ever since has been an important part of the MCU.

3. Nick Fury
It was an artist named Bryan Hitch who had first imagined Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Soon, Jackson won himself the role and we saw him dominating the character in the cameos.

It began with 2008’s Iron Man which saw Nick Fury meeting with Tony Stark in its post-credits scene. This later unfolded the “Avengers initiative”.

2. Heimdall
Idris Elba did complete justice to this role, serving the fans with the most accurate version of the character. Heimdall is all about duty, but he’s someone who doesn’t mind breaking some rules if it’s the right thing to do. He’s also skilled in combat and is well known for his magical eyes which can see everything.

Thor: Ragnarok made the character rise in MCU, as it seems him proving himself as a terrific warrior keeping Asgardians safe from Hela.

1. Yondu
The comic book version of the character is always stoic; someone who never smiles. However, MCU transformed him into a rough character with a hilariously twisted mouth. He possesses the ability to control his arrow with whistles using it as an effective weapon. Yondu taking out crooks with easy using his arrow to a song in the background was pretty much the highlight of GOTG Vol 2.

Yondu cares for Peter Quill and his sacrifice at the end of the second Guardians film shows that he did have a golden heart.

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