Young Avengers is considered the next generation of Marvel heroes with their issues and their own fates. With the several stories that have a fusion of romance, adventure, and heart, the Young Avengers deserve a series on their own.

1. Genesis/Evan Sabahnur

Genesis/Evan Sabahnur
Genesis, Marvel’s most dangerous clone of Apocalypse.

While not officially a member of the Young Avengers.  Still, Evan’s relationship with them and his roots make the character of Genesis deserving of his series.

Genesis’ series could not just deal with the same kind of struggle of being a clone of Apocalypse and what that implies, but also his origins.

2. Kid Loki

Kid Loki
Loki as a kid seeking Wiccan’s powers.

Stuck in the body of a child and then a teenager after being resurrected. Loki at first takes Wiccan‘s powers and then a path of salvation.

Let’s face it: Loki is a cool character he betrays time and time again seeing him trapped in a teenage self. Supposedly with a do-over, would be an exciting turn of events in his journey.

3. Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr

Marvel Boy/Noh-Var
Emergence of Marvel boy by taking down a Starship.

The Marvel Boy series can be more of an interstellar show that leads to the origin story of Marvel Boy and his subsequent adventures with both the Young Avengers and intergalactic diplomacy—as seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

4. Cassie Lang/Stature

Cassie Lang/Stature
Cassie Lang as a Young Avenger.

Daughter of Ant-Man Scott Lang, Cassie has appeared in both Ant-Man and Avengers: Endgame movies.

Cassie has never had an ordinary life, and it’s something that would play well in her series, as well as her own wish to be a hero accompanied with the Young Avengers at first turning her away, establishing her up for her own path.

5. Iron Lad

Iron Lad
Nate Richards known as Iron Lad

Destined to become Kang the Conqueror, and frightened by this future self, Nate Richards, popularly known as Iron Lad, visits the past to prevent it. In doing so, he establishes the Young Avengers in the hopes of avoiding this future from existing and preventing himself.

It would be fascinating to have a series about Nate attempting to stop the future and realizing the consequences of doing so.

6. Patriot

Grandson of Isaiah Bradley, a Captain America version, Eli Bradley.

Eli Bradley is a founding affiliate of the Young Avengers. And initially, he’s presumed to have genetic elements of the super-soldier serum. Even though, that is eventually discovered to be false. Patriot’s battle with his legacy and his desire to prove himself could be the basis of the series. Even likely to lead to him taking up the position of Captain America at a certain point.

7. Hulkling


Son of Original Captain America (A Kree) and Skrull Princess Anelle.The child of the original Captain Marvel (a Kree) and Skrull Princess Anelle. Hulkling (or Teddy as he was reared on Earth) is split among many worlds. Half-Kree and half-Skrull.

In fast forward, Teddy is seen grappling with which side to choose and harmonise a Kree-Skrull alliance but also in attempting to build a family of his own, and all that would make for a convincing series.


Source : CBR , Screen Rant

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