Made famous by the high-profile murder case that went on between 1994 and 1995, O.J. Simpson is a well-known actor and NFL sportsman. The murder case was for the stabbing of Simpson’s wife and her friend in front of the couple’s house. In what came to be the trial of the century, Simpson pleaded not guilty and was later found innocent of all charges. In recent news, it was claimed that Simpson has been living in a hospice for the past few weeks.

O.J. Simpson’s Cancer Diagnosis

O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson in Naked Gun

O.J. Simpson took to X to clarify the rumors that were spread on social media that he is living in a hospice. In the video, he laughed off the claims and said that nowadays, you can’t trust the media since people post whatever they wish to. Simpson affirmed that all is well and he is in fact hosting a few friends over to watch the upcoming Super Bowl.

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Local News 10 reported that the NFL superstar has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is going through chemotherapy. While we don’t know how serious the diagnosis is, chemotherapy does not indicate that the situation is to be taken lightly. The Hall of Fame sportsman is living in Las Vegas currently. However, Simpson’s recent post on X might be hinting towards the cancer news as well. He has not commented on his health condition yet and the cancer news has not been confirmed or denied.

Decades after being acquitted of the murder case, Simpson was found guilty of armed robbery and served nine years in prison. This case also made headlines as Simpson had already become world famous because of the murder trial. After his successful career in the NFL, Simpson also served as a football commentator and actor in various movies.

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O.J. Simpson to Host Super Bowl Sunday

Naked Gun: OJ Simpson
Naked Gun featuring O.J. Simpson

Simpson refuted the rumors of him being in hospice care but he never commented on his cancer diagnosis, so his condition is still unconfirmed. Nonetheless, the NFL star seems excited about the Super Bowl weekend and plans to host a few friends over in Las Vegas to watch the thrilling match together. Super Bowl Sundays are similar to a festive celebration across the United States of America as people unite to cheer on their favorite team.

O. J. Simpson
O. J. Simpson

Before Simpson got entangled in the legal mess, he was considered to be a great football player. However, it’s noteworthy that he never played in the prestigious Super Bowl. Despite being a part of 11 NFL seasons, he did not make it to the final match even once. Had he continued playing after the murder case, we would have seen him cinch the match, but he instead chose to pursue a career in acting.

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