“Cinema is a mirror by which we often see ourselves.” – Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Films and Television programs give an ideal setting to escapism with their twisting plots, colorful characters, and sensational stories, and likewise the plenty of on-screen hotties. Yet, not every one of the circumstances is relatable, just as specific portrayals of the day-by-day things are not exactly near the real world. Regardless of whether it’s the congruity division not giving a lot of consideration to clear reality or occurring by sheer mishap and center getting coordinated to more reality plot focuses, onlookers will bring up various ridiculous details. Regardless, we all in all figure it out it’s a mission to discover a stopping place directly before your home, how for all intents and purposes unthinkable it is speculating others’ passwords effectively in under 3 goes, or that there’s no reason for putting stock in the presence of recently out-of-school youthful and hopeful actors promptly landing on a big flat in a massive space of LA. AskReddit—a spot for posing and noting different inquiries—as of lately asked about “What occurs in films or television that is by all accounts typical and you think to yourself ‘that isn’t what ordinary people in real life do?'” And underneath are the beautiful right-on-target answers that will make you take a second look at certain scenes of the film or Program you’re presently watching. Sounds interesting. If yes, then let’s hop on the list for more.

8. Can Women Run With Heels In Real Life Too??


When women run around in heels with perfect hair and makeup, and the dirt and sweat makes their hair and makeup look even better.
Looking at you, Jurassic World.


7. A Five Star Breakfast Is A Must:


Preparing a huge five-star breakfast (pancakes, waffles, fruit, biscuits, oatmeal, omelette, etc.) that no one eats; I don’t even understand why that’s a thing in movies and TV shows.


6. Why is there always a spooky house & Stair-Case in horror movies?


In horror movies, everyone runs upstairs. If there was something chasing you wouldn’t head for the door to get outside? Also you’re creeped out in the house but you never turn on the light?


5. Can we drive while looking at our fellow passenger in real life too? I guess not.


One thing that drives me berserk in movies is when someone is driving and talking to their passenger. They refuse to keep their eyes on the road and insist on making prolonged eye contact with the person next to them. In the movies this often means a jump-scare car crash is about to happen.


4. One can’t be a perfect speaker without using ummm…


Always talking all clever and witty, without uhhh stuttering, or ummm…. pausing to think about what you’re going to say, or never forgetting what you were about to say, what else was I going to say? I forgot.
There are only two movies with realistic dialogue: Napoleon Dynamite and the Big Lebowski.


3. Staying up at friends house for late is a must:


Come over to a friend’s place, stay there for all of 30 seconds to talk about something plot-relevant, and then just leave right away.


2. A simple hit on the head can lead you to the hospital for days.. I guess


Getting hit over the head and knocked out……..then just waking up later on and acting like they just have a small hangover.


1. You take at least 5 mins to open a door for someone unknow…


When they knock on the door or ring the doorbell and someone opens it within 2 seconds.

So yes, these are the 8 Times People Pointed Out Things Shown In Movies Are Weird In Real Life. Well, can all these thighs happen in real life? Do we have that much time, or do we have that much patience? I guess not. Because of how fast life goes on, it can’t be depicted in movies. Do you agree with me? Do let us know in the comment section down below. Until then, keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination, on getting a closer look into the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, and TV Series or celebrity gossips, and much more stuff; we have got you all covered. So continue reading animated times, guys, for more.


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