As 2019 tallies down, we’re about to end “Stage 3” of the MCU. Endgame is prepared to put everything to rest with rumors of the heroes we’ve come to know might retire. Obviously, there are a ton of tasks in progress and it should work out given how there are many incredible Marvel stories to draw from. The films are a major deal but Marvel is likewise using TV well from Netflix to different networks and platforms. That implies reinforcing the villains. The MCU has been sloping it up with tremendous foes over the most recent couple of years like Hela, Killmonger and, obviously, Thanos. Spider-Man Far From Home will have Mysterio while Captain Marvel presents the Skrulls. However, there are still scores of baddies the MCU ought to use.

Many are the geniuses, the gigantic folks who can carry a film with a phenomenal world-vanquishing plan.


Karla Sofen was a conniving and eager for power person. Then she got her hands on an alien gem that gave her super-strength, flight, energy impacts, and phasing abilities.

As Moonstone, she’s worked with the Masters of Evil and was also part of the Thunderbolts. While powerful, Moonstone’s shortcoming is that she thinks she’s significantly smarter than she is. Her inner self leads her to toss her load around and can be outflanked by other villains.


There’s a discussion on whether Mephisto genuinely is the Devil or only a master of Hell who needs people to believe he’s the real deal.. In any case, Mephisto rounds that job out in the Marvel Universe. A quintessential liar, he lives to make bargains which are constantly structured so Mephisto turns out the victor. In a straight-up battle, he is an incredible power as he can never be really crushed as long as evil exists.

Mephisto wants to attempt and corrupt heroes like Silver Surfer and others which can play into a storyline. He would be useful for a Doctor Strange spin-off, driving Strange on a truly unpleasant voyage with a lot of allurements around.


It’s astounding one of the greatest names in the Thor comics hasn’t made it into any of his three films. Amora has been one of Thor’s greatest enemies for a considerable length of time. A beautiful Asgardian, she can make any man begin to look all starry eyed at her with only a look or a kiss.

She can be power hungry, regularly working with Loki on to assume control over Asgard. Be that as it may, Amora is generally a fairly petty and extraordinarily vain lady. A fraction of the time, she tends to be adored by people than be a ruler and is after Thor less on the grounds that she cherishes him and more since she simply wants him.


If Spider-Man is in the MCU, sometimes, we require his most noteworthy foe. For quite a long time, Norman Osborn has made a special effort to make Peter Parker’s life a horrific experience. From endless plans to murdering Gwen Stacy, the Goblin is dependably an imposing adversary.

Spider-Man (2002) had William Dafoe working admirably as the frantic Goblin with James Franco’s Harry taking up the mantle later. Amazing Spider-Man 2 mishandled it, however, the potential is still there for it to work.

Task Master

You require somebody to train the countless villains in the Marvel Universe. Taskmaster is your person. When he was a young boy, he found his ability for “photographic reflexes.” All he needs to do is see somebody play out a move and he can duplicate it superbly.

He demonstrated it by using one NFL game to be a pro quarterback. Taskmaster chose more money was to be made as a villain and has turned into a great mercenary. He additionally brings home more villains to be compelling associates for different criminals and associations.


The exemplary sorceress from Arthurian legend is genuine power in the Marvel Universe. Hundreds of years old, Morgan is fixated on getting back the power she lost when Camelot fell. She’s a sorceress so amazing even Doctor Doom has taken exercises from her. One plan made them rewrite reality to govern a medieval world.

While powerful, Morgan can be fairly egotistical and it’s very easy to drive her into committing errors that lead to her destruction. However, her mysterious abilities add to her appeal as a bad lady. The MCU could utilize another significant female villainess and Morgan can deal with it, maybe in a Doctor Strange continuation.


Proving once again that only the Hulk can carry off the purple and green color scheme, Kang the Conqueror is a genius time traveler. This raises the question that if he really is so smart, why does he wear those baggy green tunic and purple leggings.

Technically, it is supposed to be a super high-tech armor from the future. This battle armor enhances his strength, durability, and endurance. It also allows him to create projections of energy, holograms, and force-fields.


Doom is one of the most intelligent men to make it to the list. He has used his mental faculties to spread fear and darkness though. Trained by the ascetics of the East, the Doctor can call on armies of the undead demons whenever he chooses to. He can create mind-boggling energy in forms of rays and blasts.

What makes Doctor Doom so devastating is that he is equally well versed in all forms of technology. He wears body armor that is impossible to get through and that lets his function effectively in any possible environment. He can also produce powers that are just like powerful creatures like the Silver Surfer, and can also transfer consciousness and control machines through his mind. He also rules Latveria and has unbridled access to all its resources. The list goes on and on, making Doctor Doom a real enemy to match.

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