Character deaths on TV shows are pretty normal considering there are few in every TV show. But quite a number of times, these death seem to be totally unnecessary. And many times it is for stupid reasons.
This is especially true when the deaths happen in the last few episodes of a show and it genuinely feels like the showrunners are killing off a character for the “value” of doing so and boosting viewership. And that has annoyed so many people

1. Castiel – Supernatural

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When Castiel sacrificed himself in order to save Dean, all the fans were salty as they killed off Cas when he finally admitted to being happy.

2. Jen Lindely – Dwason’s Creek

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This might be an old show but is available on Netflix. Jen died towards the end due to an heart condition. It was pretty unfair on her part considering all the things she had been through in her life, she did deserve a happy ending.

3.  Tiffany – Orange Is The New Black

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Tiffany overdosed because she thought she had failed her GED and it was extremely dumb. Everyone felt that this happened just because it was the finale. There were many deaths on the show but it kind of was annoying to see that they reverted to this tragic death in the last episode.

4. Justin – 13 Reasons Why

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Justin had collapsed at prom and then died of AIDS. Justin had the best arc and it was very important to see a character overcome so much and then finally be in a good place towards the end of the show; but they killed him.
Yes it is important to talk about AIDS and show characters who are diagnosed with it but give it to him as a shock and kill him off post it was really bad.

5. Andrea – Breaking Bad

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Andrea was killed in front of Jesse and it was totally unnecessary for the story and it was just too cruel. Andrea had a son! And Jesse was being chained up and held as a hostage and forced to make drugs.

6. Oliver- Arrow

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Oliver died to save Barry and things got too convoluted, and though it was nice of Oliver to die to save Barry, it was extremely disappointing to see that Oliver didn’t get to live a peaceful life when he was alive.

7. Enzo- The Vampire Diaries

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Bonnie deserved happiness considering she was giving up her own happiness to help her friends and she was so happy with Enzo. But Stefan killed Enzo and guess what, she still helped him and even celebrated his wedding to her best friend. Life is too cruel to Bonnie.

8. Wren- Pretty Little Liars

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Wren had amazing villain potential but we only got to see him in flashbacks in the ridiculous Alex’s storyline just to find out that he was dead.

9. Sabrina(s) – The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina

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It was already cruel for the fans that Netflix decided to cut short the series; but they did something more evil; they killed BOTH the Sabrinas. We are gonna go and pretend this never happened.

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