Aaron Lewis, the frontman on Staind went through another tough night, as he couldn’t get a handful of chatty spectators to shut up, so he once again stormed offstage.

Aaron Lewis Leaves The Stage Once Again

Aaron Lewis performing Live!
Aaron Lewis performing Live!

The country-rock singer was performing solo on Saturday eve in Oklahoma City, where he cut his set short towards the last part of the show. But Aaron Lewis didn’t leave before cursing some people in the audience with a good old’ “shut the fu*k up”.

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After some people In the crowd won’t follow his demand, he halted playing his guitar, and went on to lecture the crowd on how doesn’t need to do all of this. Aaron Lewis then got on the mic and continued the rant, telling the noisy group that they had been yapping constantly throughout the evening.

The crowd got silent after that for him to continue with his performance, but a few seconds into his song, he stopped and slammed his guitar down, before leaving the stage.

This isn’t the first time Aaron Lewis has left the stage

Aaron Lewis in Texas
Aaron Lewis in Texas

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In the recent months, this isn’t the first time that Aaron Lewis has faced crowd control issues. He did the same in Texas this past month, but things escalated by saying that he didn’t speak Spanish, because he’s an American. Some Spanish speakers were trying to talk in their language, but Aaron wasn’t having any of it.

He also went after a heckler a few months ago while performing in Indianapolis, calling the guy a “bald mot*erfu**er”.

Well, that’s like a lesson for all who wish to watch Aaron Lewis live.

Source: TMZ, YouTube

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