Britney Spears always made it to headlines, whether it was her bright years as a pop singer, her conservatorship, or making her way to “freedom” after 13 long years. While the Grammy-winning singer got all the attention throughout the years, it was also followed by some insensitive comments about her. As she took control of her life in November 2021, she continued to receive both love and hate from people. And the American actress Alyssa Milano also joined the crowd as she made some insensitive comments about the 41-year-old singer.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

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Britney Spears Accuses Alyssa Milano Of “Bullying” 

Earlier this week, Britney Spears shared an old tweet from Alyssa Milano as she called out the Commando star “bullying” her. In a tweet from December 2022, Milano shared her concern for the Toxic hitmaker saying, “Someone please go check on Britney Spears.”

Spears probably assumed that the Brazen star was trying to take a hit at her and decided to call her out. Sharing the tweet on her Instagram story, the American singer called out Milano for sharing an opinion about her when she doesn’t even know her.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

She deemed Alyssa Milano’s tweet as a form of bullying saying, “This definitely feels like bullying !!!” before urging women to stand up for each other.

Spears mentioned that ladies need to stick together and root for each other instead of “pulling one another down.” And after Spears took the initiative to call her out, Alyssa Milano seemed to have realized her mistake and reportedly apologized to the Criminal singer.

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Alyssa Milano Reached Out to Britney Spears and Apologized

Alyssa Milano reached out to the Grammy-winning singer after Spears called her out on an Instagram story. According to TMZ, a representative for the Charmed actress has revealed that Milano personally apologized to Spears after seeing her story.

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano

The report revealed that the actress sent a private message to the Spears apologizing for her comment. However, it is still unclear if the singer has accepted her apology or not. It is assumed that seeing her going through a rough patch, Milano has reportedly taken the first step toward making things better between them.

Britney Spears fans have been concerned over the singer’s mental health due to her recent behavior. She recently deactivated her Instagram. However, Spears reassured her fans that she is fine and deactivated her Instagram as she was hurt by the mean comments.

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Source: TMZ

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