Disney seems to be having frequent issues with their live-action film plans. The announcement of Moana‘s (2016) live-action remake received quite a bit of criticism as many fans thought it was too soon for it. And now, another of the studio’s live-action plans, which was announced four years ago for the Hunchback of Notre Dame has reportedly been canceled by CEO Bob Iger.

Although the production has not been permanently scrapped, however as far as anyone knows, the film will not be receiving a green light anytime soon.

Disney’s Live-Action The Hunchback of Notre Dame Plan is Reportedly Cancelled

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Back in 2019, Disney announced its plan to make a live-action version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996), however, four years later, the idea does not seem to be so great for the studio. There were hardly any updates about the film after its announcement, and it turns out the studio’s CEO Bob Iger is not very interested in pursuing it.

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Last year, while discussing, Alan Menken, the studio’s composer shared a bit of an update saying,

“Iger is not the biggest fan of Hunchback of Notre Dame and a remake isn’t on their list of priorities”

And with that, he explained the reason as the heavy issues involved in the story that was real and needed to be dealt with a lot of care and detail. With that, although the plan has not been completely or permanently scrapped the production won’t be getting a green light as far as the near future is concerned.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Apart from this Disney’s other live-action plan for Moana has also received criticism from the fans but it has not been canceled yet as of yet.

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A Brief Look at Disney’s Moana Live-Action Criticism

Maui in Moana
Maui in Moana

Recently, Dwayne Johnson announced his collaboration with Disney once again for a live-action version of the 2016 hit Moana. The film and the titular character herself has become popular figure since it was released therefore it seems that the studio decided to go on with its live-action version with Johnson reprising his role as Maui.

However, this announcement was not received very well by fans as many as of the opinion that it is too soon for such a project. It has only been seven years since Moana came out therefore giving it a live-action so soon seems to be disrespectful to the animated version for many.

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Source: Disney Insider

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