Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch passed away on Thursday aged 96, at her Balmoral Estate. Several celebrities and even the masses took to varying social media sites to pay their heartfelt tributes to Her Majesty the Queen and consoled the mourning royal family. However, Kanye West doesn’t do things the straight way. The rapper shared a shocking image to pay an unconventional tribute to the late monarch.

While the actor is known for being an abjectly peculiar social media presence who has never shied away from being too over-the-top in his opinions and their expression, many are saying that this time, West crossed the limit.

Kanye West might have gone too far this time

To pay his condolences, or for whatever foreseeable reason, the Donda rapper took to Instagram to share an edited image of Elizabeth II post the news of her passing. The image he shared was a monochrome black-and-white grainy shot of the Queen donning a pair of Yeezy sunglasses, which were obviously photoshopped on her face.

The picture of Queen Elizabeth II photoshopped wearing Yeezy sunglasses that Kanye West shared on Instagram
The photoshopped image of Queen Elizabeth II that Kanye West shared on Instagram

While Kanye West is known for his absurd self-expression on social media, this post was actually horrifying for his followers and everyone else, who were livid at the “disrespectful” image. West’s account buzzed with outrage. While one Instagram account wrote: “We know he loves to shock but could he not have held off for one day? It’s so disrespectful and so offensive to so many people,” another chimed in, writing, “This is absolutely disgusting,” while a third posted: “He’s actually a sick man.”

West had to delete the photo in a matter of minutes owing to the outrage. In lieu of the deleted post, he shared two photos of Elizabeth II. In one of the now-deleted images, he wrote, “Life is precious. Releasing all grudges today. Leaning into the light.”

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Kim Kardashian’s heartfelt tribute to the Queen

Kim Kardashian's tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on Instagram
Kim Kardashian’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on Instagram

Kim Kardashian also took to the social media site to pay homage to the Queen. She shared the image of another user’s tweet which showed three rainbows at landmark sites in Britain. The post read:

“Her Majesty the Queen sent us three rainbows at the exact time she crossed that bridge.

One at Balmoral, one at Windsor castle, and a double #rainbow over Buckingham Palace. She is letting us know she made it, and all will be well.”

West’s ex also shared a monochrome picture of the Queen from when she was young with the message “Rest In Peace”.

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Just an online nuisance or a borderline abuser?

Kanye West has a problematic presence on Instagram, bullies Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian
Kanye West is a frightening presence on Instagram for Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West has a problematic history of impulsively posting extremely toxic and problematic content on his Instagram account, especially ever since Kim K left him. During Kardashian’s 9-month relationship with Pete Davidson, West bullied the Saturday Night Live alum several times. It seems like Ye’s beef with Davidson still hasn’t ended as he threatened the 28-year-old comedian even a month after his and Kim K’s breakup.

West seems to have beef with his ex-wife as well, as the 45-year-old even threatened the mother of his kids, to express his frustration with her reality TV contracts and the private schools that his 4 kids attend. Kanye said: “I was driven crazy before I’m not going crazy no more It’s not up to Calabasas or Hulu where my kids go to school. I’m not the crazy one here. It’s up! I won’t stop until I have a say so on my kids no matter what it legally takes.”

West had captioned the now-deleted post:

“Come and get me I’m a man of God. The father’s job is to be the bad guy sometimes.”

Kanye West needs to definitely reel himself in if he wishes to avoid further trouble. There might come a time when things might get out of hand, as even the social media audience has become very alert and sensitive to any kind of malcontent.

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Source: The Sun

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