Kanye West has become rather well-known for his use of social media to spread as much negativity as possible. The rapper goes on and on about his former wife and indulges in a lot of celebrity trolling on his Instagram. He recently discussed the drama with Kim Kardashian about his children’s education. The rapper specifically targeted the Kardashian family, especially the momager Kris Jenner. He has been regularly writing about the Kardashians, and many of his posts lately went viral. Although the rapper has come under fire for his activities, it seems to have had the desired effect as Kanye West recently met Kim Kardashian and spoke with her about their children’s schooling.

Kanye West and his Insta posts

Kanye West
Kanye West

In recent months, Kanye West has constantly posted about the Kardashian family, particularly about Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner. The Kardashians are not the only target of Kanye West’s writings. He has posted about a large number of others close to them, one of them being the SKKN founder’s ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson. The rapper has also dissed Kid Cudi who was once a good friend of his. Ye also posts a lot about Adidas as he accused them of stealing the design off his Yeezy brand.

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Kanye West rants about the Kardashians

Kanye West
Kanye West’s Instagram post

The rapper recently called Kris Jenner out while mentioning his kids North and Chicago attending a fancy school in California while the rapper was clear that he wanted his children to attend Donda Academy, the school that he founded. Ye posted a rant dissing the Kardashians and alluding to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J.

“You don’t have say so of where the kids go to school. Why get say say. Cause you half white?” The rapper said,“Y’all don’t have so so over my black children and where they go to school. They will not do Playboy and sex tapes.”

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The rapper met Kim Kardashian for negotiation

Kanye West
Kanye West

West recently claimed to have had a “good meeting” with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian regarding the education of their children. “Hi guys I’m baaaaack Sorry to take so long to post I just had a good meeting with Kim about the schools.” his post stated. The rapper seemed thrilled that he was able to discuss the schools finally. Given that the rapper met the Kardashian and talked about his children’s education with her, it appears that his online rants had the desired effect.

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