Moon Knight may not be the first superhero you think of when you’re asked to mention some powerful heroes. But it’s important to remember that his chief benefactor is the ancient Egyptian God Khonshu. He may not have any extra-terrestrial powers, like depending on connections to extraterrestrial governments or races. What he does possess is a great deal of fighting prowess that comes from his extensive training and an impressive arsenal of street-level tools and weapons he’s honed over several years as a professional criminal fighter as Daredevil would. It’s only natural then that villains fear him. Especially when they recognize how easily he can stalk them in the shadows.

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Moon Knight is streaming now on Disney+
Moon Knight is streaming now on Disney+

Moon Knight’s Powers

Some of the things that make Moon Knight unique include his extremely wealthy background, his strange and exaggerated fighting style, and his lunar-based powers. It is interesting to note that as rich a person as Marc Spector is, he would most likely be even wealthier if he had not started a career fighting crime at night instead of throwing his money at frivolous things like friends or a hobby which might make him want to come out of the shadows. With that being said, Moon Knight possesses an ingenious array of gadgets for his many schemes in villainy. It includes a unique collapsible staff, high-powered throwing darts, and custom-built vehicles.

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Moon Knight in Marvel Universe
Moon Knight in Marvel Universe

Moon Knight’s Powers Are Related To Lunar Cycle?

As per the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Marvel Knights 2005, Khonshu’s power increases significantly under the light of the moon. And this is exactly what happened with Moon Knight as well. His agility, strength, and speed get affected by the lunar cycle. This is perhaps because of his direct link with the Egyptian God of Moon. Also, the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition highlighted how strong Spector becomes under a full moon. While he could bench-press somewhere around 450 pounds, he could lift 4,000 pounds under a full moon.

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Moon Knight on Disney+
Moon Knight’s strength and powers are linked with the Lunar Cycles

Will MCU Moon Knight Is Also Related To Lunar Cycle?

Though only two episodes have been released so far, MCU’s Moon Knight doesn’t seem to be depending on the lunar cycle for his powers. Moreover, Moon Knight’s dependency on the lunar cycle has also been changed in the comics. As a result, the vigilante’s powers are no longer fluctuating as they did before.

Marvel’s Moon Knight (Episode 1 and 2) are streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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