In the first two episodes of Marvel’s Moon Knight, there was a lot of action already happened. And even then, we still didn’t get to know a lot about our protagonist. During the episode, we found out about Steven Grant’s dissociative identity disorder and how Marc Spector seems to be more present than others, and how Steven always appears completely exhausted because he never knew about his ‘Moon Knight’ alter ego. This article will rotate around the notion: What is the Moon Knight suit made of?

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It wasn’t until the last few minutes of the show that we finally got a glimpse at Moon Knight himself as he assembled his armor. Readers might be wondering where this very unique suit came from but one thing is for sure.

Disney and Marvel’s Moon Knight
Disney and Marvel’s Moon Knight

What Is The Moon Knight Suit Made Of?

In their original adventures, the Moon Knight has a multitude of suits to battle crime with. These suits are usually made of kevlar armor for maximum protection and include a radio for communication. The later armors consist of adamantium, dart launchers, and other features that improve on the previous designs. But as we saw in episode one of his new series, there’s much more to this story than Marvel is letting on.

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When Harrow’s beast breaks free from its vault and Marc Spector is fighting it hand to hand, Steven Glazer gives in to his alter ego Moon Knight to put an end to the madness. As white stripes wrap around his body like a bandage, calling back to the mummies of Ancient Egypt because you know, Marc disappears beneath the beast as an intense fight scene transpires without him visible until he emerges victorious and masked once again.

Role And The Power Of Scarab

Steven Armstrong seems to be some kind of undercover agent. The main issue he is facing right now is a golden scarab-shaped pendant that has been bothering him for a long time. It turns out that the pendant does not contain anything inside at first, but in the second episode we discover something much more important about it. During the recent episodes, however, he is being currently chased by some dude called Arthur Harrow who wants to take his golden scarab-shaped piece of jewelry from him. Apparently, this is quite strange since he was bringing it here on purpose anyway.

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Scarab in Disney+’s Moon Knight
Scarab in Disney+’s Moon Knight

What Does The Upcoming Episodes Hold?

With that being said, Moon Knight has six different personalities, each one has his own unique powers and skills that they share with one another. For example, Steven turns into the alter ego Mr. Knight while Marc turns into Moon Knight. However, it seems unlikely that we will reveal more about Marc in future episodes since Steven is the center of the first two episodes—but trust us, we will be learning a lot more in the coming weeks.

Marvel and Disney+ Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney+.

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