There is no Hollywood and media industry without scandals and controversies. While some are bizarre yet true incidents, others are borne by the media to increase their click rates. A specific controversy that sparked major debate and discussion was famous singer and performer Shakira’s split from retired soccer star Gerard Pique. Fans were left to wonder what made the couple split after 11 years of marriage and two kids.

Truth Behind Shakira and Gerard Pique’s Jam Story

Shakira in La La La

A couple of interviews and music videos in 2023 suggested that the reason behind the celebrity couple’s split was a jar of jam. Allegedly, a Spanish TV show called Socialite claimed that Shakira found out her husband was cheating on her via a jar of jam. Her now ex-husband Gerard Pique and her kids do not like and eat jam at all. So, when the singer got back home to find her sealed jam jar open and eaten out of, she figured there was something fishy.

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Despite getting asked to comment and give reasons behind the divorce, Shakira did not respond earlier. However, in a recent interview with The Times, she claimed that all of those rumors are simply not true. In an attempt to clear the air, she revealed that she instead found out about Pique’s affair when her father was unwell and admitted to the hospital.

Shakira in Don't Wait Up
Shakira in Don’t Wait Up

Even though Pique has not commented on cheating on Shakira, he came into a relationship with 23-year-old model Clara Chia Martí not long after the divorce. This revelation has shattered many glasses for fans who loved the hilariously controversial jam story that seemed straight out of a detective novel. It won’t be that far down the line when fans see a movie made on Shakira’s detective skills, comparable to the great Sherlock Holmes.

Since the split, Shakira has released plenty of breakup hits that help people get out of despair and move on. Their divorce divided public opinion and two factions were formed to support Shakira and Pique separately. Even her upcoming Spanish music album titled Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran charts a person’s journey to convert pain into creativity.

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Shakira Claims Music Helped Her Move On

Shakira in El Jefe

For all artists, it’s important to have a driving force that keeps them motivated and inspired to be creative. Many singers lean into heartbreak and pain to conjure magic out of the depths of their emotions. Shakira is no different. She claimed in the interview that music kept her going despite the world crumbling around her.

“There were so many pieces of my life that crumbled in front of my eyes and I had to rebuild myself in a way, picking up the bones from the floor and putting them all together. And the glue that kept it all together was music.”

The time of the couple’s split was tough on Shakira since both the important men in her life seemed to leave her when she needed them the most. Her father was in the hospital while her husband betrayed her. Fans are glad that the storm has passed and the Waka Waka singer can finally focus on her career and thrive on the creative overspill from the tough times in her life.

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