Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande are two widely recognized figures in the music industry, each bringing their unique flair to the forefront. Shelton’s career includes his involvement as the longest-serving coach on the popular musical competition show, The Voice.
However, amidst their illustrious careers, an unexpected incident unfolded during their time on The Voice.

Singer Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande

In a behind-the-scenes moment, Ariana Grande unintentionally caused a mishap that left Blake Shelton suffocating, quite literally. Amidst the hustle and bustle of filming, a personal reason prompted Grande to make The Voice Studio a furnace.
Though the incident was undoubtedly unexpected, it served as a lighthearted moment amidst the intensity of studio sessions.

Ariana Grande’s Chilling experience in The Voice

ariana grande
Singer Ariana Grande

During the filming of an episode of The Voice, Ariana Grande found herself in an uncomfortable yet humorous situation. As the excitement of the studio filled the air, Grande found herself in an unexpectedly chilly environment in the studio.
In an interview, Grande revealed that the room was packed with over four hundred people.

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However, the coldness of the room still left Ariana Grande shivering. Nonetheless, Grande tried to adjust to the uncomfortable conditions, making the filming process effortless. However, when it came time for Grande to deliver an on-stage performance, she found herself in need of a more comfortable environment.

Ariana Grande told on the Zach Sang show (via Youtube),

“It was freezing in there. It was always freezing in the voice but I never said anything of course because it’s fun and it’s work and who cares but I had to sing. The next day so much opera and I said listen is there any possible world we could just like make it a little bit less arctic and they made it so hot and everyone was sweaty.”

It prompted Grande to request the event managers to slightly increase the room temperature. However, what followed was a comedic twist that no one could have anticipated. The event managers, in their earnest attempt to fulfill Grande’s request, cranked up the heat to an extreme, transforming the once chilly studio into a sweltering furnace.

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Ariana Grande’s Request Had Blake Shelton Suffocating

Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton

As The Voice event managers tried to accommodate Ariana Grande’s need for a comfortable singing environment, their efforts created an uncomfortable situation for another musician in the room. In a comical twist, Grande’s request for a warmer atmosphere resulted in the room becoming unbearably hot, causing Blake Shelton and others present to struggle with the oppressive heat.

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Everyone present in the room including Shelton voiced their struggle to catch their breath amidst the sweltering conditions. However, Ariana Grande graciously acknowledged her unintentional role in the mishap.

Ariana Grande said,

“Sorry it’s completely my fault it’s completely my fault here’s what’s happening I have to sing a lot of opera tomorrow and they were like oh what’s happening and I explained it to them and  they were so supportive but yeah it was just such a funny story.”

In a display of camaraderie, others present in the room offered support and encouragement to Grande. Even Shelton, amidst his discomfort, joined in, recognizing the humor in the situation and extending his understanding to Grande.

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