A new Pokemon may be making its way to Pokemon Go in the future. Previously this week, it was reported by dataminer that the latest version of the game has a code for a “MewTwo_A”. Many experts also speculate it as a reference to Armoured Mewtwo, which is a rumoured new form of Mewtwo which might be seen added to the Pokemon Sword and Shield. No information except this has been made available for the Armoured version of Mewtwo. It may also have a special into in the game.

Mewtwo in Pokemon Go
Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

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‘Pokemon Go’ Could Be Adding Armored Mewtwo

While speculations claim that an armoured Mewtwo could be the new feature of Pokemon Sword and Shield, this Mewtwo may also be tied-in to the forthcoming Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. This new film will release in Japan and will be a CGI remake of the original Pokemon film, which also saw Mewtwo in armour while it was under the control of Team Rocket.

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So, in case there’s an Armoured Mewtwo that’s being added to the Pokemon Go roster, we may be able to see it as soon as June. The new Pokemon looks like the best culmination for future Pokemon Go fest events, which will happen in the Summer. We will have to wait and watch it Armoured Mewtwo is going to be a tie-in for the film, something Pokemon Go has done before or if it’s a tease for a bigger Pokemon franchise, just like Pokemon Go teased the inclusion of Meltan months before the release.

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