Alongside the Avengers: Endgame pre-tickets sale, Marvel Studios also gave fans special look footage which gives us all new footage from the forthcoming MCU film. Among the many insights given by the one-minute video, it gave us our first look at Thanos in his full glory.

Avengers: Endgame Thanos’ New Weapon

As suggested by recent merchandise and promotional art, Thanos will be donning a suit armor for his next appearance in Avengers: Endgame and then he looks ready to take on the Avengers for another round. However, it’s not just the armor that Thanos shall have but he will also wield an all-new weapon in his next big appearance in Avengers Endgame and although we don’t see it in the latest trailer, it’s there.

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Go through the images and you shall get a blurry but otherwise viewable shot of the double-edged sword that Thanos has in his hand when he faces the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes next. It looks like towards the end of the footage when we see Cap, Thor and Iron Man, preparing to take on Thanos and although it looks like a blink-and-you-miss moment, it does make a single appearance.


What’s unclear is when this scene shall take place in the film, along with the question where Mad Titan gets his new weapon in Endgame. It looks deadly enough and we can only imagine the damage it may bring to Thanos. Let’s hope he doesn’t claim any more lives of the Avengers.

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With just a few weeks left for the release of Endgame, we should have more answers that we crave for desperately.

Avengers: Endgame releases on April 26.

Source: We Got This Covered, YouTube

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