WARNING: Huge spoilers for Arrow’s Season 8 premiere called “Starling City”

Arrow season 7 ended with Oliver Queen joining the Monitor on his quest to warn other worlds about the incoming Crisis. This is the beginning of his end. In season 8’s premiere episode titled “In Starling City“, Oliver made good on his promise. The Monitor sent him to Earth-2 where he went after the Dwarfstar particles for unknown purposes. But the episode wasn’t done and dusted that easily.

The Monitor And Oliver Queen’s Talk Foreshadows Crisis

The Monitor sends Oliver off on his first mission. Pic courtesy: thehollywoodreporter.com
The Monitor sends Oliver off on his first mission. Pic courtesy: thehollywoodreporter.com

These particles that Oliver was after were already in possession of the Queen Industries. As its heir, Oliver had no issues locating those. But when he got to the lab as The Green Arrow, he found that the particles were stolen and the scientists were dead. Who was behind this? The Dark Archer. So Oliver of course went looking for Malcolm to confront him. But all he found was the Monitor standing in Malcolm’s office.

After the Monitor and Oliver meet, the following conversation ensues:

The Monitor mused,”It never ceases to impress: humanity’s capacity for invention. Infinite number of worlds, and not a single one where man fails to emerge from caves and hold dominion over the Earth.

What are you doing here?” Oliver demanded to know.

The Monitor replied,”Reminding you what you are doing here. This does not include interfering in the events of this Earth.”

I have no intention to interfere.” Oliver fired off.

The Monitor then enquired,”Are you not here to confront Malcolm Merlyn with your suspicion that he is the Dark Archer?

Well, I went to applied sciences last night to retrieve the Dwarfstar particles, just like you asked me to,” Oliver said angrily.

The Monitor replied back saying,”You make it sound like a trifle. Those specific particles can only be found on this Earth out of a multitude.

Olived then said,”My point is that, when I arrived, Malcolm had already stolen them. You know what might help? If I actually knew why I was after them.”

The Monitor asked then,”That I have tasked you should be reason enough, or have you come to doubt your commitment to this mission?

No, I have not,” Oliver said.

Discovering The Dark Archer And Earth-2’s Fate

Earth-2 becomes the first victim of Crisis. Pic courtesy: thecw
Earth-2 becomes the first victim of Crisis. Pic courtesy: thecw

Oliver went on his mission after that and he discovered that Tommy Merlyn was the Dark Archer after all. After all, it was teased that a lot of the previous cast will be returning for a last huzzah. As for Tommy, he had turned to the dark side when he found out that his sister Thea had died of an overdose in the Glades. He then plotted revenge against the Glades and planned to use the Dwarfstar particles to blow it up. But Oliver was able to talk him down and this let him get the particles for the Monitor.

At the end it looked like The Monitor wanted the particles before Earth-2 was destroyed and as the episode drew to a close, Earth-2 was attacked. The Universe dissolved around it and took everything with it. But Oliver managed to complete his mission before this went down. Why Monitor needs these particles is not known. Till now that is.

Arrows airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Want to know, who is the Monitor ultimately preparing for? It’s for the Anti-Monitor. He is the one who will bring the Crisis On Infinite Earths. Know more about him and his motivations in the video below:

(Source: CBR.com and thewrap.com)

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