Superman and Lois introduced Kal- El’s Kryptonian mother Lara in the form of Lana Lang aka Emmanuelle Chriqui and her heartwarming moments with Clark aka Tyler Hoechlin within the Arrowverse fixed a problem which was in every Superman movie.

In Superman and Lois, Lara was revealed as the inventor of the Eradicator rechnology and she was the mother of Superman’s half- brother Tal – Rho before Lara married Jor –El and gave birth to Kal.

Superman’s birth mother was hardly shown in the movies but her role was always been minimized in favor of Jor- El and his relationship with their son.


In the 1978 film Lara helped Jor El and sent baby Kal on his spaceship to Earth but the movie didn’t give her any dialogue during her farewell to her son which frustrated the actress playing the part.

The focus was entirely given to Jor – El who had the dialogue “my son”

Lara wasn’t seen or mentioned later and it was once again Jor – El’s avatar who taught Clark everything he needed to be Superman.

In 1980’s Superman II Lara’s avatar was replaced.


In 2013 Man of Steel, Lara had more agency in the prologue.

But after Krypton exploded, she was forgotten and once again Superman only met Jor-El.

Thankfuly, Superman and Lois introduced Lara in Arrowverse and in a twist, Lana Lang had to undergo the Eradicator process that Morgan Edge used to implant Kryptonian personalities and powers into Smallville’s citizens.

When Lana emerged she had Lara’s personality which indicates that Superman could finally meet his birth mother.

Although Clark and all of us had many questions about how Tal-Rho could be his brother but Lara ensures that she isn’t part of Morgan Edge’s evil plan and she married Jor-El for love.

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Clark was delighted that Lara was proud of  him for the hero he had become just like she hoped he would be and that he found his love in Lois and has twin sons now.

Superman movies have always concentrated on his relationship with his father but been silent about his mother while the Superman TV shows have given Lara more emphasis as she deserves.


First Smallville and later Superman and Lois have always concentrated to bring a balance for Superman and his Kryptonian birth parents despite the fact that Jor-El always gets more attention.

Even though it was for a few short scenes using Lana Lang it was still so moving for fans and specially for Clark fans to see him get to spend precious time with his mother Lara. It sucks to see this kind of attention not given to her in the movies by Dc.

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