Stepping into the world of superheroes, whether it’s in Marvel or DCU, is a big thing for any actor. Their role can either go on to be as iconic as Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man or as beloved as Henry Cavill’s Superman. With the release of Injustice in 2021, the animated world of DCU expanded to include more fan-favorite heroes from the comic books the projects are based on. The movie is directed by Matt Peters and the story is conceptualized by Ernie Altbacker.

Injustice Cyborg Actor Always Wanted to Do Animation


Based on comic books by Tom Taylor and Brian Buccellato and the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice was a movie fans were extremely excited about. Despite a few live-action adaptations, an animated flick certainly adds a layer of charm to the story. It narrates the dilemma of Superman as the Justice League heroes find themselves at odds with one another.

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Brandon Micheal Hall voiced the character Cyborg in the Injustice animated movie. After the movie was released on DVD and Blu-Ray, sat down with the actor to discuss his experience, his future projects, and how he got around to making Cyborg uniquely his. Having grown up watching DC movies and shows, Hall knew exactly what he was getting himself into and was enthused to play around with the role. He says,

“I’ve always wanted to do animation and still want to do more. I want to continue to work within this universe and do these characters. It’s a lifelong dream of mine and something I really feel I manifested. It’s in my journals to do animation and play a superhero, so it’s been a long time coming. Actually, it happened shorter than I thought it would [Laughs]. I want to continue. I like to do animation and would love to create my own at some point and have that out there. It’s a whole new world I’m interested in exploring.”


The best part, as Hall puts it, is how his character went on to inspire people. His family and little cousins loved hearing his voice behind Cyborg’s animated character. He felt satisfied after seeing the end result and is eager to do more in the same superhero realm.

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Brandon Michael Hall Talks About Making the Role His Own

Cyborg in Injustice
Cyborg in Injustice

The interviewer then asked Hall if he found it difficult to emulate or match live-action Cyborg performances by Ray Fisher and Jovian Wade or if he was inspired by their work. To this, Hall expresses,

“Very much about making Cyborg completely my own. I have no problem with having outside help and going and researching other artists who have done certain roles, especially iconic roles. At a certain point, you have to let it go because their inspiration was probably themselves. For me, I wanted to make Cyborg as much myself as possible.”

He further expressed how the Injustice makers gave him some freedom to see what works best in each dialogue and have a sense of oneness with the role. Hall describes working on Cyborg in Injustice as a “liberating experience” since he did not have to constantly worry about things that were not falling into place.

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