A recently leaked toy image for Avengers 4 suggested that the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes could face a threat bigger than Thanos in the upcoming mega crossover by MCU. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen many villains over the years, and it wouldn’t be too tough to include one in the storyline of Avengers 4.

Today we will explore 7 over-powered villains that could fit into the list and be the greatest threat to Avengers.

7. Dormammu
Kaecilius and Dormammu were the two villains who got introduced in Doctor Strange in 2016. Towards the end of the film, Doctor Strange didn’t actually defeat Dormammu but he outsmarted him. This means that Dormammu is still lurking in the Dark Dimension.

Knowing that Strange couldn’t survive the snap, Dormammu could take this opportunity to conquer Earth.

6. Tyrant
He was Galactus’ servant, but was known for his immense power and thirst for conquest. After he was created, he tried to take over the universe by over-throwing his master. He’s so powerful that even Thanos knew of his strength.

He could be woven into the MCU, of Marvel decides to resurrect him as a Celestial.

5. The Serpent
In the comics, The Serpent was a brother to Odin. After the events of Ragnarok and Infinity War, this might be the perfect time to include Serpent into the storyline.

Known as the God of Fear, Serpent could take on the opportunity to kill Thor and end Odin’s family once and for all.

4. The Real Mandarin
Mandarin fans were once disappointed by MCU, when they got to know that he was just a man acting like the iconic villain in Iron Man 3. Avengers 4 might be the best time to capitalise on the villain.

Marvel can embrace the powerful villain and give him all abilities that he had in the comics. While this could be a bit random, at least he has a background in the MCU.

3. The Grandmaster
Considering, the Collector and The Grandmaster were brothers in the comics, it’s possible that MCU follows the same storyline. The Grandmaster’s power level was never actually revealed in Thor: Ragnarok but it’s possible that he decides to go after Thanos and Thor after knowing of his brother’s demise during the events of Infinity War.

2. The Skrulls
This race of aliens is widely known for taking the appearance of Marvel heroes and trying to take over Earth during the events of Secret Invasion. Marvel could actually play around with this plot in Avengers 4, given Skrulls are already set to make their onscreen debut in next year’s Captain Marvel, that releases a few weeks before Avengers 4.

They could be shown organising a plan to conquer Earth with the remaining members of the race, which could be the reason why Captain Marvel gets involved.

1. Kree Empire
The Kree appeared first in Guardians of the Galaxy and are now set to appear in next year’s Captain Marvel. While they don’t have Ronan The Accuser now, they massive civilisation still has a lot of firepower on their side.

After the events of Captain Marvel, they could decide to attack Earth, somehow blaming the Avengers for the whole process.

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