Fortnite may have hinted fans at the arrival of the Avengers 4 trailer.

The sound files regarding Marvel Studios’ Thanos (the playable Marvel character during the Limited Time Mode) were apparently updated by Epic Games software.

“The Thanos sound files on Fortnite were updates in its last patch last week,” jualien wrote on Reddit. “Fortnite had an Infinity war x Fortnite crossover where the Infinity Gauntlet would drop into the map and whoever claimed it would turn into Thanos. Thanos could jump really high into the air shoot a purple laser beam and do melee attacks. This [Limited Time Game Mode] was in the month of May around Infinity War’s release. Now last week for no apparent reason Thanos’ laser beam sound was updated in the files and sounds a tad different which makes sense if they were to bring back the thanos [Limited Time Game Mode] but why would they in the beginning of November? Because the trailer is getting released!”

It’s a speculation for now, although several signs point at Marvel Studios finally letting off the first look at the film sometime this month.

A rumour from a Russian site spawned recently, claiming that the trailer has been finalised and will be making its way into the theatres anytime soon.

An alleged description of the trailer has also found its way on the internet. It’s still unclear if the description is accurate as no official confirmation has been done yet.

However, it’s certain that the trailer will make its way before the end of this year.

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