After an almost three-decade-long journey, the Bad Boys franchise has once again returned with its latest installment. Bad Boys: Ride or Die was released on June 7 and got a good reception. This electrifying performance reignites discussions about the potential for one more sequel.

Bad Boys 4
Bad Boys: Ride or Die | via Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back as Miami detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett. The movie is an action thriller with new members joining the cast with its directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah and with new casts Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, and Paola Núñez.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Reveal Their Chances for Bad Boys 5?

Bad Boys Ride or Die
Bad Boys: Ride or Die | via Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie had an opening of $104.6 million globally. Although earnings are still rising, the fans of the franchise are eager to know about the plans for the future. With the success of Ride or Die, the possibility of another sequel seems possible.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence spoke about Ride or Die and their willingness to come back for the fifth, but only under certain conditions. Both the actors mentioned their desire to continue the franchise if only the fans called for it, and there is a plot to do so.

Will Smith spoke from his years of experience and insisted on the fact that one should have something to say.

As long as there’s a reason — I never wanted to be one of those dudes who make sequels just because people will go. I want to make them because there is something to say and the characters have a place that they’re developing to that will be interesting and fun to watch and maybe even a little helpful.

On the other hand, Lawrence admitted the pleasure of working with Smith and also revealed a common opinion with Smith,

Will and I have a great time working together, so as long as the fans want it and the demand is there, I’ll keep trying to give them what they want. We’ll have to see. You know I never say never, but it also has to make sense. If the fans ask for it, you know we could be back.

Both actors showed interest in the continuation of the franchise. However, they also discussed that, in order to create the movie, there must be a good reason to continue the series in the form of another sequel.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Sets Chances for the Sequel?

Bad Boys Ride or Die
Bad Boys: Ride or Die | via Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube

The future after Ride or Die is more complicated than it seems. Mike and Marcus’ futures are uncertain, as the film does not end with a significant cliffhanger or a post-credit scene.

At the end of the film, the two are able to catch corrupt District Attorney Lockwood and his partner, former special ops soldier James McGrath, clearing their names in the process. However, it remains unclear if Mike and Marcus will stay partners or if they will be taking time off from being police officers.

The charges were dropped against Mike and Marcus. At a barbecue, Lawrence and Smith allowed Reggie to let him cook, as he showed his military skills to protect their family from the attackers earlier in the movie. The last scene showed Reggie smiling.

It appears people have not moved away from the Michael Mann movies as the box office figures continue to increase, which indicates that fans would still like to see Mike and Marcus fight. Whether a fifth installment materializes or not, Bad Boys: Ride or Die has gone further to build upon the success of the original series.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die was released on June 7, 2024, and is running in theaters.

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