Season 5 of The Flash brought up many memorable moments. But Season 5’s saddest moment when Barry Allen, aka The Flash and his wife Iris, lose their daughter Nora West-Allen. The creation of a new timeline erases Nora. The couple loses their only daughter and can’t help but mourn — Season 6 fast forwards to four months after the Nora incident. Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) is currently in pursuit of unmasking the real Godspeed. The evil speedster time travels to the past to find his duplicates. Godspeed turns them into speedsters. According to tech genius Cisco Ramon (played by Carlos Valdes), the “Godspeed” Barry managed to pin down is the fourth person assuming the identity of the speedster.

The Blackhole Crisis

The Blackhole Crisis
I Have Spent My Whole Life Searching For The Impossible. Never Imagining that I would Become The Impossible.


The trailer of Season 6 shows a brief appearance with a voiceover by Chester P. Runk. He is a geek Vlogger who manages to build a black hole. This is made using the parts rummaged from a dumpster yard. The black hole somehow takes over his mind and comes to life in different parts of the city. It mainly opens up in the places that hold emotional value for Runk. There is only one way to stop it from absorbing the city, which is through a separation of consciousness from the black hole. Barry is going to use his lightning as a positive charge to pull Runk’s consciousness, infected with negative charges. He makes use of Nora’s gauntlet, which has a filament to help Barry travel safely through the Blackhole. Barry has to ensure that Runk’s consciousness remains intact while moving through the Black Hole. Cisco threads the gauntlet to Barry’s suit, a new upgrade. The Flash then runs into the black hole and accomplishes the mission.

Barry Gets a Suit Upgrade

Barry Gets a Suit Upgrade
If You Believe In The Impossible, You Become The Impossible.

Cisco devises a method of closing the black holes that demands them to sacrifice Chester. Barry refuses to use it as he wants to reunite Chester’s consciousness and save him. Hence, Barry has to enter one of Chester’s black holes, grab his consciousness, and return it to his body. But even though Barry was a metahuman, it is challenging to survive the Blackhole. As Caitlin explains, “The gravimetric forces will crush you to a subatomic size within seconds.” “Even if you do survive the entry, we don’t have a way of keeping Chester’s mind intact on the way out,” Cisco mused. “We need superconductive wiring from a quantum computer to do that, and last time I checked, those only exist in the future.”

That is when Barry realizes that there is a way out of this. Barry says, “Nora. Our Nora. She could still help us!” “Oh, my God. Her backup gauntlet,” Iris supplied. “Cisco, it’s still here.” “That gauntlet is going to have the filament we need,” Cisco agreed. “I’ll strip it out and thread it into your suit.”
This is how Barry Allen gets an upgrade on his suit, which enables him to travel through the black hole. The suit helped Barry survive the conditions of the black hole and capture Chester’s consciousness long enough for it to be reunited with his body in the M.A.C. machine.

You can check out the sneak peek for the Flash Season 6 below:

The Flash 6x01 Sneak Peek #2 "Into The Void" (HD) Season 6 Episode 1 Sneak Peek #2

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