Batman is extremely vocal about the ” No Guns” rule, but in a comic cover from his initial appearances, he is seen breaking his most important rules himself! It is safe to say that him using a turret as a weapon and Robin feeds him some ammo is a hilariously huge step over his “no gun” rule.

Batman Has Had A ‘No Guns’ Role

DC Comics
Batman and Robin

The cover is of 1943’s Batman #15; this issue is made up of four different stories that see the iconic duo of Batman and Robin stop all those evil plans of people that would do them harm. The reason is not exactly apparent as to which exact story the cover is taking its cues from, but the third story titled “The Two Futures”, is the closest thing that helps fans understand why is Batman enjoying using the turret.

DC Comics
Batman and Robin

The story depicts the world in which the Axis powers of World War II win is followed by a potential future where they lose and Batman along with Robin are given a peek into their futures during their trip to Gotham University. There they have a conversation with the intellectuals on the uni to know what exactly would it take to win a war like this.

Nazis have taken over and started ruling with an iron fist in Gotham and Batman and Robin are using a gun in this part of the story. They intend to use the weapon to defeat the Nazis. The second part of this story shows a world where the Allies win and Batman and Robin are pilots in the sky but never use a bullet.

What is the point of this image if it didn’t show up in the story?

Batman and Robin

The final panel of this story explained the cover is for the need of American citizens to continue to do their part in the war effort by buying stamps and bonds and there is a tiny disclaimer on the cover as well that calls for this help. Below you can see the smiling faces of Batman and Robin with the words “Keep those bullets flying” as a call to figurative arms for Americans.

This was a way to boost morale at home.



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