If only we had a penny for every time we heard Batman fans claim The Dark Knight could defeat anyone with Prep Time, we would be swimming in trillions.

Here are some characters from the rival Marvel Comics we believe Batman can never hope to defeat even with Prep Time.


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Before you start scrolling down, just hear us out.

Thanos is not known to be a villain because of his powerful cosmic energy manipulation abilities or his impressive superhuman physical attributes.

He is a threat because of his sheer ingenuity and intelligence as a villain.

If there’s any villain in any comic book universe smart enough to out with the Batman in a fight, it has got to be Thanos.

Batman has nothing in his quiver to deal with someone like Thanos. No amount of prep time would be of help here.

Jean Grey

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Batman has dealt with Telepaths before but Jean Grey is in a whole other league. She is literally a class apart.

Host to the powerful psychic Phoenix Force Entity, Jean Grey has vast telepathic and telekinetic powers.

They are the likes of which even the Dark Knight has never seen.

The Phoenix Force grants Jean Grey the power to decimate entire star systems. She could also gain access to all the minds in the entire universe if need be.

This means that whatever Batman is planning, she would know beforehand. Even if Batman manages to counter her telepathy, there is no counter to Jean Grey’s telekinetic abilities.


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Oblivion is an abstract entity. It is the sibling to Eternity, Infinity, and Death. It shares a bitter sibling rivalry with Eternity.

Considered to be an antithesis to Death, Oblivion oversees the souls of living beings that died through unnatural causes like time paradoxes.

There have been times when the sinister entity tried to usurp Death’s domain and collect actual souls. Every time it has failed miserably.

Oblivion is one of the most powerful cosmic avatars to ever exist. It can manifest its wishes into reality. Not many cosmic entities could do that.


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Knull is a fairly new character recently introduced to Marvel Canon. Knull was the being the ruled the void that existed before the Big Bang.

When the universe was just a dark abyss, Knull ruled it with an iron fist.

The Celestials brought the light bringing creation with them and Knull’s territories were in danger.

To this day, Knull holds the distinction of being the first being to have ever killed a Celestial. His Necro-Sword can kill even comic entities.

He is also the God of all symbiotes and commands an army of the living dead called the Living Abyss. The guy can shape-shift, command vast cosmic energies, and has nigh immeasurable strength.

Molecule Man

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Molecule Man can control all forms of matter. That alone makes him a threat greater than Thanos. When you can control the molecules of any weapon thrown at you, you become literally invincible.

No matter what Batman thinks of, Molecule Man can just turn it into a harmless puddle of water with a flick of his finger.

To defeat Molecule Man, Batman has to get really lucky. No countermeasures exist against a guy this over-powered.

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