The modern day Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis finally look set to fight it out as Batman and Batman Beyond. And it’s all thanks to Booster Gold.

The upcoming comic book issue, Batman Beyond #48 is going to pit the Dark Knight against the Tomorrow Knight, as shown below in the issue’s wonderful cover, designed by Dan Mora.

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The plot revolves around the time travelling hero, Booster Gold, attempting to get to the bottom of Batman’s sudden mania. Bruce Wayne’s undisclosed hysteria has even caused him to turn against his ward. Booster Gold bring Terry McGinnis, aka Batman Beyond, to the past to help sort out Bruce.

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Booster Gold is a character created back in the 1980s by writer Dan Jurgens, who is also a longtime writer of the Batman Beyond series. Although Booster Gold is typically portrayed as a sort of comic relief, Jurgens often tries to incorporate the hero into some of the more important story lines.

Property of DC Comics

Jurgens and Geoff Johns even explained away Booster Gold’s comedic nature as a deliberate attempt by the character to keep himself protected from other time travellers.

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Jurgens is also known for creating the villain Doomsday and the comic book, The Death of Superman.

Batman Beyond #48 will be released in October and is written by Dan Jurgens and features art by Sean Chen. The synopsis reads:

“First Contact” begins! Something is very, very wrong with Bruce Wayne, as he lashes out in anger and tries to kill Batman Beyond! Who else can save him but…Booster Gold?! The greatest hero history never knew is going to take Batman Beyond back in time to the Gotham of old, where Bruce Wayne is Batman—which means Batman and Batman Beyond will meet at last!

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