No matter what haters say, Batwoman has been a great representation for lgbt folks and especially lesbians. Many fans were waiting for Kate Kane to come out as a lesbian on screen and tell it to the world. The latest episode of Batwoman gave fans what they wanted. While the scene in itself was poignant but it was made even more so as lead star and Batwoman herself, Ruby Rose (who is also an out lesbian) broke down as she was reading the script.

What Was The Latest Batwoman Episode About?

Batwoman grapples with her sexuality in the latest episode. Pic courtesy:
Batwoman grapples with her sexuality in the latest episode. Pic courtesy:

The latest episode titled “How Queer Everything Is Today“, follows a standard case of the week plot where young tech genius Parker holds the city’s dirty secrets to ransom. There is also Mary’s  investigation into Jacob’s innocence and Alice’s usual shenanigans. But inspite of everything going on, a major focus of the subplot was Kate being compelled to address the general public’s assumption- that Batwoman is heterosexual, after she ended up being caught in an impromptu photo op with a hunky police officer.

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Ruby Rose Cried Upon Reading The Scene

Who better to give the interview to than her friend Kara 'Supergirl' Danvers. Pic courtesy:
Who better to give the interview to than her friend Kara ‘Supergirl’ Danvers. Pic courtesy:

Showrunner Caroline Dries said that the script moved Rose to tears since the episode’s theme of accepting who you are meant a great deal to her. The actor also also suggested a tweak to the dialogue. In the original dialogue, Kate agrees with Parker when the teenage hacker says “it doesn’t get better” in context of the the misery and self-loathing that her own sexuality has caused her. Rose was of the view that the negativity would be unhelpful. So the dialogue was changed to something more positive so as to give hope to any closeted queer who might be watching. Caroline Dries said:

“She said she cried while she was reading it. I know it meant a lot to her. Interestingly, there was a line [in the script] where Parker says, ‘It doesn’t get better,’and Kate says, ‘You know, you’re right Parker, it doesn’t get better.’ Ruby wrote to me and said, ‘You know, a lot of people look up to this character and watch this show and they don’t want to hear the lead character say, You’re right, it doesn’t get better.’ So, we found a way to tweak it, so it could be like, it’s still hard out there, but you will get better if you start to love yourself more and embrace yourself. It was personal to both of us, so we wanted to make sure we got it right.”

For those who didn’t get the title of the episode, it is also a literary reference, or to be more precise it is a reference from Alice In Wonderland. But here the modern connotation of ‘queer’ has been used. Even in the original book, Alice pondered on how an alteration to her sense of identity can leave her fundamentally unsure of who she is. This is something which many queer teens will be able to relate to. Hopefully with Batwoman, they will be able to find the right way.

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