Dwayne Johnson is set to reprise his role as Maui in the upcoming Disney movie Moana 2. The Hollywood star has always been known for his larger-than-life personality and impressive physique. However, portraying the demigod in Disney’s family adventure animated film has deeply affected him — both personally and culturally.

Maui in Moana

Maui, the demigod who assists Moana on her adventure, is a heroic figure from Polynesian tales known for his incredible deeds that help people. Traditionally, Maui is depicted as a young, slender teenager on the brink of manhood. Recently, The Rock revealed that one of his own family members inspired the character in the flick.

Dwayne Johnson Credits His Blood Relation for Moana‘s Demigod Inspiration

Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence
Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence

Dwayne Johnson is a big deal on social media, where he often updates fans about his work, shares inspirational quotes, and shows off his tough workout sessions. Plus, he’s great at chatting with fans and answering their comments, too.

In a recent post on X, the Brahma Bull talked about the new Moana sequel and shared that Maui’s character was inspired by his late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia.

High Chief Peter Maivia
High Chief Peter Maivia (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

In his post, Johnson stated his strong bond with his Polynesian roots and also asserted that playing Maui changed his “life in the most positive and culturally significant ways.” He feels it’s a way to honor his grandfather’s memory and celebrate his own cultural heritage.

His post gives fans a clear picture of how his grandfather influenced Maui’s look, from the character’s hair and tattoos to his strong body. For Johnson and Disney Studios, Moana and Maui’s world is more than just a movie. They see it as a “soul” that brings people together worldwide.

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Wrapping up his tweet, the 51-year-old thanked his fans for supporting Moana 2. He teased new adventures, characters, and music, and gives a shoutout to the film’s choreographer and dancers.

Thanks to Dewey’s huge social media following and Moana‘s lasting popularity, Moana 2 is bound to be a movie everyone’s looking forward to. The movie’s emphasis on Polynesian culture, combined with Johnson’s personal ties to the character, makes it a touching film that audiences will love.

What’s Confirmed for the Upcoming Moana 2

Moana and Maui
Moana and Maui in Moana 

Disney has finally announced that Moana 2 will be released on November 27th, 2024. Fans have been waiting for this since the first movie came out in 2016. In the original film, Moana, a girl from Polynesia, goes on a quest with the demigod Maui to find a special artifact.

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While not much is known about the new characters yet, we do know that Dwayne Johnson and Auli’i Cravalho will reprise their roles as Maui and Moana. However, fans can look forward to meeting new characters in this exciting sequel.

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