Will Smith, the Bad Boys star, was reportedly not the first choice of Steven Spielberg for his $589 million iconic movie. Talking about this the director of Men in Balck, Barry Sonnenfeld revealed that Spielberg never wanted to include Smith in the movie and was rather thinking to approach Clint Eastwood. However, due to creative differences between the producer and the director, Eastwood was never hired in the movie.

Will Smith
Will Smith

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Will Smith Was Not the First Choice of Steven Spielberg for Men in Black

Talking about the Men in Black franchise, the well-known filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld opened up about the casting process of the movie. Recalling the casting process, the director said that Steven Spielberg never wanted to cast Will Smith. The director revealed that Spielberg wanted to cast Chris O’Donnell in the place of Smith, however, it was Sonnenfeld who did not agree to it.

Will Smith
Will Smith

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As reported by HuffPost talking about this the director revealed

“[Spielberg] told me I had to go to dinner with Chris O’Donnell and convince Chris to be in the movie. But I knew I wanted Will Smith, so I told Chris that I wasn’t a very good director I didn’t think the script was very good, and if he had any other options, he shouldn’t do Men in Black. He let it be known the next day that he was not interested.”

After O’Donnell rejected the role, Sonnefeld took matters into his own hands and arranged a helicopter to take Smith from Philadelphia to New York to meet Spielberg. Sonnenfeld also revealed that both Smith and Spielberg hit it off and he got Smith on board with the project.

Not only this, Sonnenfeld even said that he was also very adamant about casting Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K, despite Lee Jones being perceived as very intimidating by some.

Will Smith All Set to Return with Bad Boys 4

Will Smith, the acclaimed star of Hollywood, would now be seen in Bad Boys 4. Ever since the release of the first film in the franchise back in 1995, it has become a fan favorite. With each of its films possessing fascinating plots, action, and catchy dialogues it has never stopped amazing the fans.

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Will Smith in Bad Boys 4
Will Smith in Bad Boys 4

Earlier this year, Smith took to his Instagram and shared the news that the movie is now in production. Along with Smith other stars like Martin Lawrence will be seen in the movie. While the movie is still in production, reports have been around that it will come in theaters on June 14, 2024.

Source: HuffPost 

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